Sexual assaults on buses on the rise

Via: The Seattle Times

The “Seattle Times” is reporting that after the beginnings of the “Me Too Movement” it has been noted that there has been a significant increase in cases of sexual misconduct on some city buses.

Well, I am sorry to hear about that. (I think I am sorry to hear about that.) (I am not sure if I am sorry or not and I will tell you why:)

While the prospect of having unwanted sexual advances made toward them might cause some people grief, anxiety and disgust …. at my advanced age such actions would probably be my best chance at getting any attention at all and …. I am conflicted!

Book reviews

I would like to suggest a couple of new books for you to read if you can find them. They were printed in very limited quantities and none of them ever made the best seller list:


Selection 1 —- “Under The Bleachers” by Seymour Butts. (Chronicles the vouyeristic adventures of a young hobo who slept in sport stadiums between major events.

Selection 2 —- “Antlers In The Treetops” by Who Goosed The Moose. (A wild tale of sporting and sportsmanship as the prey becomes the hunter.).

Selection 3 —– “No Toilet” by Mark Flusher. (The tale of a man who misread a traffic sign that said “No Outlet.”

Selection 4 —- “Stop! A Head!” —- (Another misread traffic sign but in this story, the motorists does nearly run over a severed head and the mystery unfolds from there.)

Image is from Pixabay Creative Commons



You blog readers out there like to leave “Likes” on blogs from the Philippines that post articles about the infamous volcano, Mt. Pinatubo?

Well fine then! —– Here is an article about Pinatubo for your perusal, enjoyment, imagination and comment if you please.

The Lynk — ( RIGHT ABOUT HERE ).

Oh by the way — for those who appreciate the psychic phenomena of today, I would like to predict that sooner or later Mount Lassen in California will go off again and cause widespread chaos. I dreamed about it more than Thirty years ago and it is about due.

The Lassen Lynk — ( RIGHT ABOUT HERE).

Did you know that America’s “Yellowstone National Park” is nothing but one enormously huge volcano just waiting to erupt and that most scientists believe that it is no longer a manner of “If” but “When?”

The Yellowstone Lynk — ( RIGHT ABOUT HERE.)

New name, new ideas, new directions

Welcome to “John’s Lynxx.” (Formerly “John’s Weblog”) (Formerly “Journals Of A Man Named John”) (Formerly a dozen names before those — snark!  LOL!

The idea of my newest of many new directions is to do more linking to things I think are interesting and less writing of my own — because my own writing sucks ass for the most part and not that many people seem to appreciate my more-than-obvious literary genius.

So, wishing to provide something of some potential value or enhanced pleasure to the many thousands of loyal and devoted fans who are yet to discover me, I am now “John’s Lynxx” which is what I think of as a damned clever way of saying “John’s Links” and besides all that, I love cats! (And I think the cat on my logo here is cuter than snot!).

Yes, I will still be entertaining the fantasy that I am a writer and my own bilge (garbage) (Nonsense) (idiocy) (eccentricity) will continue to appear but I will be sharing my splendid talents with many more other sites and situations now so that maybe the adoring hordes who rest here for awhile from time to time will be better served than ever before.


How to keep your kitty from scratching up all your furniture


One of the most effective ways to keep your pet cat from scratching up all your furniture is to get rid of the cat —– but that is probably impractical for a lot of folks who have allowed the cat to steal their affections and hold them prisoner to the cat’s every cute little whim.

So the next best idea is to trot down to the local pet store and buy a ready-made scratching post. They are relatively inexpensive and are for more desirable than having the cat develop the habit of viewing your left leg as the ideal scratching post.

If you have a spare piece of old carpeting left over and some kind of hard round thing that can serve as the post, you can glue the carpeting onto your wood and attach the whole thing to some kind of rather large squarish base and save the expense of buying a  manufactured item.

The one thing I do not suggest to keep the cat from scratching things is screaming at the cat or lashing out at the cat because that is both abusive and will do nothing but eventually cause the poor feline to be afraid of you and that is not an ideal relationship with a cat you want to be your friend.

There are some rather devious ways to keep kitty from scratching things. Among the devious ways is the idea of placing a chunk of some kind of peeling from any kind of potent citrus fruit near the object you wish to have protected from the claws. Most cats detest the smell of lemons, limes and oranges.

I understand that you can buy some motion-activated cans of compressed air that will go off with a whoosh when the cat passes by them. You could purchase one or more of these and leave them near areas where the cat loves to maul the furniture. Ask your local pet supply store if they carry such things or if they can get them for you.

I took the liberty of going onto “Amazon” where I was able to find one of these spray things and the one I found is called “SSSCAT”. Now I have to leave my disclaimer and tell you that I am not being compensated in any manner for mentioning either “Amazon” nor “SSSCAT” but I am talking about them simply for the convenience of my readers.

It is my understanding that this product is motion activated and that it detects movement of the cat and releases a quick and harmless burst of annoying spray that can help create a pet-free area inside of the home. The item is advertised to be adjustable as to distance it can spray and it also claims to be environmentally friendly.

If you have chosen the route of buying the scratching post, you might want to consider placing some catnip leaves on it or rubbing it down with catnip so that the smell of the plant stays on the scratching post thus attracting the cat to the post. Good idea!  Good idea!






This, then, is the mirror on the dresser in one corner  of one of the many rooms that I have to navigate every day as I wander through the seemingly limitless corridors of the cave that I call home.

Reflected in the mirror are some of the myriad material things that I have accumulated in my 79 years on the Earth.

Not reflected in the mirror is the image of my sincerely unappealing and unattractive old face that was once glowing with youth and now is glowing with advancing age.

What this picture really is is an essay on the subject, “What do you blog about when you can’t think of anything to blog about” and the reason that I can’t think clearly right now is because it is only 3:30 am in the morning and not even the chickens are out of bed yet and I have no idea of why I am either.

So having said all that, I will now climb back into the thousand dollar bed and see if I can snooze a little before time to get up for real at 6:00 am.



Today’s one-word writing challenge is “Bestow” so here we go!

The honey bee is said to “Bestow” his lavish attention and his ravenous appetite on the nectar of the blooming fragrant flower.

A transgender man who is getting married to a transgender woman is said to “Bestow” his/her love on her/his intended. This is a case of two people putting their best toe forward.

A boat tossing about in a wild sea without the convenience of an engine or a sail is said to be “Best Towed” back to safe harbor.

“Bestow” can also mean to “Confer” in the synonymetrical sense so it would be totally correct to say, “We got the entire team together to bestow with each other about the best plays to make in the forthcoming game.

“Bestow” can also mean to “Donate” and thus, “I think I will donate all the donuts to the nut house in the village of Bestow.”

“Bestow” can also be used in the place of “Grant” and so we have, “General Bestow was a famous Union General during the American Civil War and later became President Bestow.”

“Bestow” can be used in the spirit of “Handout so I think it would be perfectly proper to say, “I gave the indigent bum at the bus station a beast toe the other day and he angrily threw it back at me.”

If “Bestow” and “Accord are one and the same thing, then you might consider the fact that “Bestow” is also almost a complete “Accord-ion.”

In literature you might find a passage similar to the following: “In a rage, Jeremy took a boat hook and bestowed mighty vengeance on the crushing skull of the attacking pirate.”

In the Bible you can read where God “Bestowed” all-consuming fire and brimstone on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for doing little more than a lot of our current law makers are saying is alright and proper for everybody living in modern times to do too.

On the Internet you can read where many indignant bloggers tend to “Bestow” less than worshipful affecton upon the Trump Administration.

In saner considerations one might think of “Bestow” as an appendage extending forth from the feet of common honey bees — a “Bees Toe.”

At other times you might consider the same appendage extending outward from the food of a Thousand Pound man as a “Beast Toe.”

Image is from Pixabay Creative Commons