Tears and Peanut Butter Cookies

My friend, Jim, made us some wonderful peanut butter cookies today:


I went for the first walk of the season today because the weather was nice and warm. I worked out some of my kinks but I have to admit that I am stiffer this year than ever. I think it will get better as time goes by.

This afternoon the mail came and there was a card in it addressed to me.

The card informed me that my friend and 7th Grade Home Room Teacher, Mr. Robert Bethel, passed away on February 22, 2018.

Mr. Bethel was one of the shining lights of my Teen years and I am very saddened — very saddened indeed — to hear of his passing.

Let’s Do Something Good For America, Something That Can Fix The Dysfunction

Let’s start by voting every elected representative in any level of the government who has held their position for more than one term out of office. Let’s clean the house from the top to the bottom. No one should be exempt. There are too many featherbeds in Washington and we need to clear them out!

It doesn’t matter a damned bit to me which political party they belong to, if they have been there longer than one term they need to be rooted out and voted out and replaced by new blood that is properly vetted to determine where their loyalties lie — and every one of the new guys needs to undergo a mandatory mental health evaluation as a condition of their being able to hold any governmental seats they win as the result of an election. In fact, I am fully in favor of vetting every candidate even as they begin their campaigns to make sure they are not some kind of lunatic …. and an impartial mental evaluation by a bipartisan team of qualified physicians is what I think to be the order of the day!

While we are busy firing the featherbedding elected officials I think we also need to clear out all their staff members too … replace them all … replace them with people who are not constrained by the traditional Washington, D.C., attitude of “This is how things have always been done in Washington.” “How things have always been done” is the big problem in our nation’s capital. We need to find people willing to break with insider tradition and start doing things honestly and according to the dictates of the Constitution and without the benefit of lobbyists and their big-money backers.

During the time that all this is being accomplished, I think we need to clean out the Supreme Court as well …. get new qualified judges in there that will not legislate from the bench … judges who will be content with doing what the Supreme Court was designed to do in the first place instead of trying to use their positions as a substitute for the Legislative Branch of government. Lifetime appointments to the SCOTUS have to end also — The judges should be subject to term limits just the same as anybody else in government — and I think there should be an equal number of them on the bench …. Make it 8 judges or 10 judges but definitely not an uneven number. The simple majority vote among the judges should rule whether or not their decisions are implemented.

I am so sick of SCOTUS trying to explain what they “Think” the Constitution says about something rather than making their decisions on what the Constitution actually says. One would believe that somebody as educated as a judge could read simple English and understand what the Founding Fathers meant to allow and what they determined to be forbidden. Administering the Constitution should be the job of the SCOTUS, not the interpreting of it. The Constitution was written in such a manner that no interpretation is needed. It is straightforward and forthright and you can bet your ass that when you hear some argument about the SCOTUS having problems “Interpreting” what the Constitution has to say about something, you are also hearing about some agenda battle being waged on behalf of one interest or the other …. but rarely the interests of The People of The United States.

I think we need to clean house from the top to the bottom. I think we need more checks and balances on the checks and balances that are already in place. I think we need some checks and balances that actually work and prevent the logjams that cause the great dysfunctionality that we often sense in the workings of the government that is supposed to be working for us and not against us.

The Left Perverts Everything

Cry and Howl

I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction of the country. We had a minor reprieve with the election of Donald Trump as President, but rest assured the Democrats, the media and the left are prevailing over what we hoped to be a turn-around in the destruction of America. We read every day the continual onslaught of bizarre 24/7 negative attacks against the President and his administration and his family. According to the media and the loony left this guy can’t do and hasn’t done anything right his entire life. Even though he’s become a multi-billionaire and beat the most ‘qualified’ presidential candidate in modern history, he’s a complete and utter failure. He eats bad, he dresses bad, he has bad hair, he’s fat, he’s rude, arrogant, illiterate, blind, stupid, racist, can’t formulate sentences, is insensitive, hateful, a sexual predator and on and on. His wife is a gold-digging whore-slut…

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Russia Hacked Voting Systems In Seven American States According To Intelligence!

But it was apparently some kind of big secret because according to most of the reports I have read, the big wigs at the Intelligence agencies did not inform the states that Russia had hacked them during the 2016 elections.

I am wondering, at this point, if that is a stupid oversight by the people we taxpayers pay to protect us or if there is something darker about the big mystery surrounding the hacks.

At least Six out of the Seven states that were reported to have been hacked are still claiming that no such hacks ever occurred which brings up the question, “Is somebody lying or are the people who are supposed to be watching these kinds of things asleep at the wheel or are they intentionally ignoring the hacks for some other reason that we don’t know about and may never know about?

This blogger has another question in light of all that has been revealed so far: “If the Ruskies were successful in hacking the 2016 elections in Seven states, what the Hell does anybody think they are going to be capable of doing in the 2018 elections?”

If we have all this wonderful technology in place to protect our voting process then why in the Hell isn’t any of it working the way it is supposed to work — or is it working the way it is supposed to work and somebody isn’t telling the whole story?

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Avoid The Big Blogging Log Jam

So you have decided you want to start your own blog!




There are a few things you need to learn before you get too serious.

First of all, before you start spending money on a personal “Domain” on the Internet for your blog and before you shell out too much cash for “Premium” Internet Service Provider programs and packages, you need to understand that if your blog’s message contains too many things that might be considered as “Conservative Opinions” you might as well save your time and effort.

If your blog is recognized by the electronic censorship mechanisms that proliferate all over the Web these days as too “Conservative” you will find probably yourself with a highly-restricted audience as the system is already stacked against you and getting your message out to all but a very few readers will most likely be one gigantic — sometimes almost insurmountable — effort and expense.

You don’t have to believe what I am telling you here. You don’t have to believe a word of what I am telling you but if you do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on a “Conservative” blog you might be on track to learn the hard way. But that is your privilege!

So, if you want an audience that leaves you 12, 50, 100 or 350 “Likes” on most of your blog posts you should consider saying everything in such a manner that will appeal to the Liberal mindset.

If you are content to have an audience that leaves you one or two or 4 or 5 comments and likes on most of your blog posts, then go ahead and be brave and be Conservative and your desires will surely be fulfilled — and everything I have just said is my own personal opinion based exclusively on my own suspicions which are based on my own personal experiences and there isn’t anything at all scientific about a word of what I have written here …. But like I said ….. you are free to live and learn.




The reason I am working on a computer is that I don’t have any mouth or nose and if you are paying attention you can already see that. And it is Trump’s fault! I used to think it was George Bush or Barack Hussein Obama’s fault. But right now I am thinking it is Trump’s fault — or the fault of the babe I slept with back in old Luzon — back in 1942.

It might have been the cheap home-made peach brandy that the Hillbillies shared with me when I was visiting down in the sticks in the 1960s.

I don’t seem to have any fingers either so getting my opinion out on this computer is going to be crap too! In fact, in the condition that I am in, most of life is crap!