I want to do some experimenting with the post editor here on WordPress.Com and see if we can’t present the blog a little clearer for our many readers who are yet to discover the joys of lingering on these genius-inspired pages here.

You see, folks, I purchased the $48-per-year package instead of the $90-dollar-plus package and apparently I do not have full CSS capability at this level, so while I can choose fonts, I have no way of making them larger or bolder unless I try it in the post editor.

Right now I am waiting to get some stats here to show me that there are actually people visiting the blog and to this point, there have been Three visitors for which I am sincerely grateful!

Right now the whole adventure is one big happy experiment and I am learning as I go so please have patience with me because ….. I am dumb … sweet …. clunky …. and ….. old.

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