First There Was “Dubya” And Then Came “Donald”

I don’t think anybody ever really expected to see George W. Bush win the election and become the President of The United States because the national needle was still stuck on “Clinton” back then as I recall.

A lot of people thought of the young Bush as a big joke — he was the butt of a lot of laughs as people tried to cope with the imagination that he might actually become President.

But then the iron hand of reality struck The American Psyche as hard as it were any 2,000-pound bull being roped and wrangled and the junior Bush catapulted to the Oval Office in a blinding fury of voting and arguing over votes and even some of the old-order Republicans began to shuffle their feet and wag their heads in utter amazement.

A lot of people I have read about from that era expressed great relief that as G.W. ascended to the heights of glory in Washington, D.C., that there was still a smattering of the entrenched, the “Established” political leaders left over from the halcyon days of Elder Bush to be the new younger President’s eyes, ears and guiding hands through the uncertain waters of governing a nation already becoming divided along partisan lines.

Now we get to the ascendancy of Billionaire-Businessman and TV Personality, Donald J. Trump, and the cycle starts to repeat itself.

I remember the days even before the election — the days when he first announced his campaign — the day when the Media and the “Experts” (Whatever that is supposed to be) —- started talking about him as if he were an “Orange-Haired” joke.

Just like the country had their needle stuck on Clinton during the Bush days, a lot of the country is still under the spell of the previous pretender to the Presidency whose odorous influence still permeates a lot of our individual lives through the effects of one of the first Imperial Presidencies — rule by executive order royal decree.

The smell from that fiasco is still being sanitized little by little by a tenacious legislative and judicial process ….. the checks and balances that yet might save us all!

One example: The burdensome “Individual Mandate” for health care is finally gone!

The word was first that he wasn’t serious or that he would tire of the game of running for President and would pull a Perot and back off his stated intentions to occupy the highest governmental seat in the land.

Like the Junior Bush, President Trump was the butt of many a joke among the incredulous and the disbelieving before, during and after the campaign and before, during and after the election.

The adverse reaction to the reality of “President Trump” has never subsided, never wavered, never weakened. It has, in fact, morphed into something of an obsessive psychosis and it seems to get stronger with each passing day.

But Trump keeps on throwing his “Watchers” little tidbits of controversy and they keep on biting on them and he keeps on laughing. Every time somebody thinks they have “The Trumpster” backed into a corner or sinking in the stinking mire of Political Washington, he gets up, shakes the dust off, and comes out shining brighter than ever!

If nothing else, you have to give the guy points for having guts, tenacity and a sense of humor.

He just might become a “Real” President yet!

I say “Give him a chance and see what he can do for us all!”

He’s already done a whole lot of really good things if his haters would only shut their mouths from railing against him for a minute and take stock of how America has already moved forward since he took office.

But I am not going to wait on the haters because an obsession is a disease …. maybe treatable and maybe not …. but it is an affliction and if there is ever going to be a cure the haters have to recognize the problem within themselves first — and I simply do not see that happening!

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