Stock Market Plunges 1,500 Points

So who gets the credit for this one?

Image From PIXABAY Creative Commons

If you read many blogs or newspapers or magazines at all you already know that while the Stock Market was booming upward at historic levels all the Liberals were telling us that the upward trend had nothing at all to do with President Trump or with his policies or with his administration — nothing at all to do with any of that! No Sireeee!

The Liberals were telling us that the booming Stock Market was entirely due to the policies that previous presidential pretender, Barack Hussein Obama, had put into place during his …. “Tenure” …. in the Oval Office.

So now that the booming stock market that was due entirely to the sensible fiscal policies of Obama have tanked and are falling through the floor, I hope that the same Liberals will remember that all of this is due to policies that Obummer had put into place while he was in office and that none of the current “Crash” has anything at all to do with President Trump or with his administration or his policies.

What’s fair is fair, after all!

5 thoughts on “Stock Market Plunges 1,500 Points

  1. Manipulation of the financial markets for profit or politics is nothing new. Whether it is Trump, Obama, or Roosevelt, they are the men with the sign on their desk that reads “The Buck Stops Here”.
    It comes with the job…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I just think it’s fall seems to be timed to coincide with the presidential state of the union address. Do I smell an odor of Soros or is it just my suspicious mind overheating due to the memo’s release?

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    1. I don’t believe it is “Just your suspicious mind overheating.” I believe you are very perceptive! By the way — thank you for your comment which is most sincerely appreciated. Please comment often.


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