Government Officials Broke The Law And Tried To Control The Election

The Libs failed in their attempts to coronate their chosen queen so they turned their massive expectations of victory into a seething, vicious, virulent machine to attack the duly elected President and they have never stopped ….. and they never will!

The Libs had some help in forming their anti-Trump machine and the “Help” came in the form of a “Dossier” on Trump, written by some Englishman and reportedly paid for by the Clinton Camp.

Of course, Robert Mueller’s little diversion aside, there is not now and never has been any valid or proven case against the President regarding the alleged “Russian Collusion” — not a shred of hard evidence has emerged in more than a year of Mueller wasting Taxpayer money with these contrived investigations.

But as aggravating as that might be, I have suspicions that are even more aggravating!

The suspicion I have is that regardless of any facts pro or con that surface concerning this investigation nothing is going to stop the Mueller Investigation and on top of that let me say this too: “I believe the entire Mueller thing was scripted from day one and that the conclusion is already written on paper somewhere and that everything in between is a smoke screen to befuddle the gullible American Sheep down on the streets of “Common-Folks-Ville.

I don’t believe this Mueller thing was ever intended to gather facts supporting evidence that the President might be guilty of something. I believe this whole Mueller thing is intended to find some way that the Right Wing Trump Haters can justify their hatred of the President and airbrush credibility on their fallacious claims that he is guilty of something.

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