If you are a fan of Mexican food …

Nobody has to tell me that Mexico is sending the best and the brightest of their citizens across our borders to make incalculably valuable contributions to our American Social Order. I heard Obama say it enough times and I have heard some Liberals saying it often enough …. so it must be true!


We have to give immigrants, migrants, and dreamers the benefit of every doubt if we are going to claim to be fair-minded.

Case in point: A recent routine traffic stop by Los Angeles Police turned up 14 Mexican Burritos wrapped in tinfoil and stuffed to overflowing with Methamphetamine.

Now being the broad-minded blogger that I am, I must assume that these were college graduates with degrees in Public Relations or Social Services or something — maybe they were aspiring rocket scientists for all I know …. but I do believe the police found those Meth-flavored burritos and I have to believe the owners of the burritos were bringing them into the United States for purposes related to their being “Beautiful People” who have a lot to contribute.

Read this — ( 14 Burritos )

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