Throwing it out there

As to qualifying immigrants and migrants


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In my quest to bring some quality to “American Liberal Times,” I have decided that on some occasions it will be prudent to wax academic.

Therefore I will begin this dissertation on immigration policy with a definition of the word, “Assimilado.”

By way of explanation, “Assimilado” is the term defining African subjects of the colonizing Portuguese Empire from the year, 1910 to approximately the era of the 1960s and was bestowed on any individual who had become “Civilized” enough to qualify him or her for full rights as Portuguese citizens.

This becomes ever more interesting when one realizes that at the time of “Assimilado,” 95 percent of the entire population of the Angolans where the law was strictly applied were illiterate —- not entirely unlike most of the illegal immigrants that now grace our own welfare rolls here in The United States.

A little aside, if I may ….. I sometimes suspect some of our governing luminaries may suffer from a similar deficit …. a suspicion bolstered by observation of some of the actions and reactions of this particular subset of American Culture.

Nevertheless … back to the case in point… Of the approximately 5-million applicants for the preferred status in this obviously forward-thinking anomaly of a country, it is well to note that most were never able to reach the “Assimilado” status that was being legally offered to them.

In retrospect — or prospect — or whatever is appropriate, I believe there is some basis to argue that our present resident DACA hopefuls probably align generally with the same overall liability — in that many or most are reportedly unable or unwilling to manifest the requisite characteristics of hopeful prospective citizens who stand a Pecks chance in Hell of ever realizing their dream.

Here is my recommended path for DACA beneficiaries. I hope the Congress and the President are listening:

I propose that as a condition of their being considered to a path to citizenship each DACA dependent must do at least all of the following:

(a)  Apply to a specially-appointed governmental committee and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt their ability to read, write and comprehend at some basic pre-determined academic level — Kindergarten would be acceptable.

(b)  Each applicant must show proof of an income from some kind of legitimate employment sufficient to sustain themselves within The American Socio-Economic Culture …. a prerequisite that I believe the Canadian Government has already embraced for those hopeful of becoming Canadian Citizens. I think it is reasonable and not too much to ask.

(c) All applicants would be required to take and successfully complete a certificated 4-semester course of college-level instruction in American Customs, Tradition, Language, and History, be administered a witnessed oath of allegiance to The United States and swear to an abandonment of their previous “Home Of Origin” and spend one year showing incontrovertible evidence of their intention to assimilate into The American Culture as opposed to establishing themselves as a separatist cultural anomoly residing in our country in what amounts to little more than a microcosm of the culture from which they first came. (No more “Little Havanas” or “Little Mohammadistans” or any other such separatist clique or “Country Within A Country.”

I believe that all immigrants or migrants that come to America have to come here with the fully demonstrable intent and desire to partake of our Independence but not to try to establish their own independence from our independence by creating shadow countries inside our cities, towns, villages, and hamlets.

If it takes a constitutional amendment then by all means let us have a constitutional amendment but let us bring immigrants and migrants here who want to become Americans and make sure we put a total stop to all the immigrants and migrants who want to come here and impose their cultural imprint on our own in a domineering manner as the practice of some has been.

Class dismissed.

John, M.P.S., MBA, etc.

One thought on “Throwing it out there

  1. The basis of your theory is sound, John. But once people have completed your courses, there would be nothing to stop them deciding to live in areas where people of their background choose to gather. Not really much different to the Irish communities in Chicago, the Italian communities in New York, or the large community of retired Jewish people in Florida.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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