Pain Killer Manufacturer To Cease Promoting Popular Product To Physicians

The manufacturer of the painkilling drug, OxyContin has reportedly said that they will stop marketing the powerful opioid to doctors and will no longer be sending sales representatives to doctors offices to discuss the embattled drug.


PIXABAY image/Creative Commons

And what is Oxycontin?

It is a time-released treatment for chronic pain and was hailed as a breakthrough in the treatment of chronic severe pain in 1995 because it was proven to provide at least 12 hours of relief to patients per dose.

But a few “Patients” apparently decided to use it for a cheap and readily available “High” and a lot of people were reportedly addicted leading to a lot of lawsuits against the manufacturer.

I guess the addicts win this time and the patients who need drugs like these have lost a big one!

I suppose it will not be too long now before the unfortunate patient whose cancer is consuming them alive from the inside out and who screams constantly with unbearable searing pain will have to make do with aspirin — like the American elected official, Jeff Sessions has recently so brilliantly opined.

7 thoughts on “Pain Killer Manufacturer To Cease Promoting Popular Product To Physicians

  1. Abuse of drugs like these exposes a flaw in a system where people can just pay for anything, Over here, it is significantly harder to get similar drugs without prescription, and by having to convince a doctor that you really need them.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. First of all, any doctor worth his salt would know when a patient needs a strong drug so the patient should not have to convince the doctor to prescribe them ….And over here it is not true that people can “Pay for just anything” because many of the people who use our health care system are on it without any requirement to pay anything at all (Medicaid) — and that is part of what drives the cost of drugs up so astronomically over here. And to conclude … In The United States it is a felony to obtain these kinds of drugs without prescription.

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    1. If “Addiction” means that a person in pain needs their medications all or most of the time then they are probably “Addicted.” But given the severity of some pains I believe that in some cases (such as those who live with chronic pain all the time) an addiction might be justified.

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