If The Trump Dossier Is Fake Why Is There Still An Investigation?

I remember when the President was complaining that the Obama Administration had been spying on him all during his 2016 campaign for the Presidency and the Democrats were laughing it up and holding him in total derision over it.


The Trump-Hating, Media (Wholly-owned subsidiaries of Leftist Oligarchs) made fun of our President for weeks on end over that one!

Then all of a sudden — out of the clear blue sky — we get the “Nunes Memo” and all of a sudden all of then Candidate, Trump’s assertions became actual fact. The Dems and their cohorts had hired some British ex-spy to write a fake Dossier on Candidate Trump insinuating all kinds of nasty, mean and cruel things about him and his dealings with other people — and they gave their filthy little lying document to some Federal Judge somewhere and obtained their FISA wiretap warrant(s) and proceeded to spy on the Trump Campaign …. just like the President had said.

Who’s laughing now, a**holes?”

Now the Media and all the rest of them who were involved in this mess are scrambling their rear ends off to try to cover it all up or to make the public forget all about it or to try to make the public believe that what actually went on was something else entirely—- but I don’t think Americans are as dumb as the Dems and their ilk would have us to believe they are!

I think America is on to them and their tricks … their lies, their deceits, their treacheries, their fabricated slanderous falsehoods about our President!

Guess what else has come to light about this “Dossier” — this fake piece of lying crap that they are trying to use as a basis for their allegations against our President — It appears now that the whole dossier thing was bought and paid for by The Democratic National Committee. That is what I read in a newspaper …. that is what I have heard respected people say — and I believe it!

My question right now is, “Why isn’t Mueller investigating the real culprits in all this scandal crap?”

14 thoughts on “If The Trump Dossier Is Fake Why Is There Still An Investigation?

      1. John if it proves to be accurate then it should be used…..just as it should be used if the Clinton’s did anything illegal…..no one should be above the law…..and liberals do not have a corner on ignorance….chuq

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        1. The problem is that if there is enough money and expertise applied to the thing it can definitely be “Proven” to be true whether it actually is true or not. Shades of all the “Official” Government Reports we have been subjected to over the years … Official Government Reports about the Lincoln Assassination, Official Government Reports about the 9/11 attacks, Official Government Reports — anything can be made to look like the truth if enough money and crooks are involved and as to the monopoly on ignorance by Liberals … well that is a matter of opinion … of course.

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        2. Ignorance knows no political boundary…..we have so much doubt now that there will be nothing that is not suspect any more….even a true statement like the sky is blue will be challenged as fake news (example only)…..doubt is a good thing but casting on institutions that have been our very foundation is not doing the country any good….because what is truth will never be known…..chuq


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