Firearms And Detergent Bans Inevitable in Liberal Utopia

You get a large number of irresponsible gun owners playing Cowboy and shootin’ up the place whenever something pisses them off and you got problems!

In fact, when a lot of innocent people get killed by crazed shooters, then the hue and cry is all about gun control …. something that never happens and something that probably never will.

So now that we have a lot of washing machine owners with stupid kids who think eating poison-assed detergent pods is just the coolest thing on Earth … are we going to start hearing about a movement to “Ban The Pod?”

3 thoughts on “Firearms And Detergent Bans Inevitable in Liberal Utopia

  1. I had no idea they were so deadly until my grandson explained how horrific death by tide pod would be. Just to bite into one is likely to be fatal. High shelf, childproof container for little ones and some graffic advertising for impetuous teens who would try anything once, not knowing it would probably be a fatal, painful and gut wrenching experience.


  2. We have started to get those warnings about washing ‘pods’ here too, John. I can see that some of them look like colourful sweets, and small children might try to eat them. No need to ban them though, just use a childproof container, or keep them out of reach.
    Commonsense? Too easy, obviously.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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