The New Look Again

You probably don’t recognize “American Liberal Times” right now because today it looks different than it has ever looked and there is a reason for that.

I have changed everything so that my blog now resembles (as closely as I can get it to look) to my favorite Hillbilly newspaper from the hills and hollers of the great state of Kentucky where my Mom was born way back in 1913.

I think the blog looks real “Americun,” don’t Y’all?

Now I can go ahead and rant and rave and cuss if I want to (and the way some of our politicians act these days I do want to) but when I cuss it makes some of my readers feel “Uncomfortable” so they swear off me and don’t come back no more.

That kind of hurts me sometimes but then I gotta remember that some folks is just plain touchy … a little bit uppity … a little bit better than other folks … so they don’t go around cussing and using profane language. I have to tell you folks, after getting my ass dragged through the mud of society for so many years and after having to scrape and scrounge and scream and grasp and rake and claw in order to “Make” it in this old world, I am not as soft as I used to be and I don’t have much respect for people who lay around and bitch about things all the time but who don’t ever say or do anything to change things.

I just hate being judged because I don’t pussyfoot around all the time trying to avoid hurting somebody’s feelings with my language so I am damned well going to just forget about tryinig to please the pure hearts of this world and go ahead and let my angst flow when it is of a mind to flow and those who don’t like it can go find somewhere else to read and those who believe in what I am trying to accomplish and who decide to hang with me, well all I can say is, “I appreciate you more than you can ever know.”

I have been beating this blog thing for more than 7 years now and I have never gotten all that popular but I have never minced words either. I know that if something stinks to the high heavens it is usually either dead or it is a pile of fecal crap. I do not intend to pretend that it is anything other than what it is and that pisses some people off….. they get offended by my directness …. my extremely outspoken nature. Too bad, Terry! Get a life! Grow up! Stop being a pansy!

So here it is for what it is and thank you kindly for your undivided attention.

14 thoughts on “The New Look Again

  1. Did I miss something? Apparently Terry opposes swearing………to stop cussing is un-American….the tiles off to the side are distracting to me…my old eyes need it simple….LOL Good luck with the new style…….chuq

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  2. I didn’t think it would take you long to change the look of your blog, John. Your patience is limited, when it comes to blogging at least. It works well enough, though the post title being black on blue is a little ‘hard on the eye’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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