Grieving Over Gun Violence Won’t Help A Thing!

My “Thoughts and Prayers” go out to the parents and relatives of the innocents who were mowed down by guns in the prime of their lives by maniacs who should have never been able to get their hands on a gun in the first place.

PIXABAY/Creative Commons

But I also tempted to wax a little un-sympathetic sometimes and remind the grieving whose slain loved one(s) will never return to them again, “You want guns to proliferate in America? You an avid supporter of gun rights and the Second Amendment? You listen to the propaganda of the big money gun lobbyists and you feel safer in an America where guns are in every conceivable inch of living space?”

You  want guns? You got guns! Death is the price to be paid when a society allows itself to be taken over by guns and gun violence the way America has over the past few years!

Here is a list of the school shootings in The United States during the period of the 2000s:

Here is the list of the school shootings in the United States# 2010s:

That’s a pretty damned long list of school shootings if you want my opinion about it friends and I believe that if our government had any inclination to do anything at all about these horrific events they would have done so long before now and I also believe that since our government hasn’t done jack shit about all this in all this time, the most recent event at Broward County, Florida isn’t going to do a damned thing to get our gun-loving elected officials off their asses this time around either!

It has become pretty plain to me, my friends, that if you are going to have kids in schools today you might just as well get used to the fact that if they get home safely every day you are mightily blessed because going to school and coming home safe again seems to me to be morphing into something of a very lurid and morbid “Lottery Game.”

I think if enough parents got mad enough about these egregious happenings they could band together in much the same manner as “Mothers Against Drunk Driving” (MAAD) did and could continually pressure Congress until somebody in Washington gets the message that American Parents aren’t going to take it anymore.

Grieving mothers can plead with Congress and their elected officials all they want to do something about gun violence that is killing our children here in America but as long as guns and gun lobbies and their lackeys in high places control the national dialogue the only thing that we can reasonably expect to happen in the next school shooting with its awful list of innocent victims. ( PLEASE READ THIS ).

3 thoughts on “Grieving Over Gun Violence Won’t Help A Thing!

  1. I don’t really see how Trump (or any president) can get gun restriction laws through, in a country that is obsessed with owning them. Only when the owners are prepared to give them up and hand them back will something ever change.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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