Post No. 62

Livestock are not only adorable but they are also valuable!

PIXABAY/Creative Commons Image

Not everybody is lucky enough to have a few cattle or buffalo walking around munching hay in a field but for those that do, I would like to suggest that you build them an emergency shelter shed somewhere on your range so that if the bad weather suddenly comes up they will have somewhere to go and huddle together.

If you are like most folks you might not have time to go out and round all your livestock up and get them into the barn when a big storm hits or a big blizzard blankets the area with feet of snow and sub-zero temperatures.

One of the biggest tragedies I can think of is a cow or a sheep or a goat with frostbite!

What I am talking about here is especially important for animals that are elderly (Like me) or ones that are extremely young.

The thing is that if your animals have some nice shed or something they can run into when the weather turns bad the likelihood of them surviving the elements is greater than if they do not have such a shelter.

Taking good care of cute animals (and even the ugly ones) is the humane and the politically correct thing to do!

If you have a flock of chickens or something you should already have a chicken house for them … and if you love your chickens you should spend a lot of time in that house with them because it is better than having them in your own home.

There is nothing more embarrassing than awakening in the morning after having slept with your pet chicken in the bed with you and finding a freshly-laid egg.

I posted this for the thousands of my faithful readers who need a break from politics.



2 thoughts on “Post No. 62

  1. There are lots of farm animals around here, John. Ollie and I walked in a field with a herd of sheep today. They are grounding, and give a sense of time, place, and history.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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