“Make the bums work for their food stamps”, some are saying.

A whole bunch (and I mean a whole big bunch) of Americans reportedly favor laws that require able-bodied individuals without kids to do some kind of work in return for their welfare checks and food stamps.

The ideas being put forward include requiring recipients of food stamp relief to either do some kind of work or to volunteer some of their time to work on worthy causes on a part-time basis because more than 50 percent of people now receiving freebies at taxpayer expense don’t do squat except hold out their hands for more benefits from Uncle Sugar.

There have been reliable polls that conclude that as many as 90 percent of voters polled think the able-bodied should be placed under some kind of requirement to work for some of their welfare benefits.

The general public, having become sick and tired of continually being ripped off by the lazy and the indigent and the Illegals are reported to be very supportive (and I do mean very supportive) of these proposed requirements.

It has been estimated that as many as Three-Hundred Thousand (300,000) people now getting food stamp relief would quit applying for them if they were suddenly required to get off their lazy asses and do a little work in return for the benefits. That could save a lot of states in The United States as much as Half a Million dollars every year according to reliable estimates.

9 thoughts on ““Make the bums work for their food stamps”, some are saying.

  1. My guess is that everyone who is actually receiving this benefit and doesn’t deserve it still costs the country less than one tenth of one percent of the tax avoidance of a single huge corporation. If you want to save America money, probably better to start at the top, where the real ‘big money’ crooks are free to operate in plain sight.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Define “Label:” — The universally-accepted meaning of the word, “Label” is — and I quote, “a short word or phrase descriptive of a person, group, intellectual movement, etc.”.
    So labels do help a great deal in the proper and accurate identification of the problem, “Useless trash who would rather take handouts than to work.” (Willing suckers at the tits of Liberalist generosity — (Generosity with other people’s time, money and talents.). If you are going to fix a problem then you first have to label the problem. Academic, I would say.


  3. some of those getting EBT are our troops so what about them…I think they are already doing more than most Americans. There is so much more to this than trying to fuck those that are perceived as “freeloaders”….a great slogan but does not answer the bigger questions. Have a good evening….chuq

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    1. I don’t know what you consider the “Bigger Question” to be but I do know it is time to make the freeloaders either work or get the hell off the system. We are not concerned here with legitimate needs or the troops. We are concerned here with unloading the parasites from the system.


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