There are so many different and often divergent definitions of the word, “asshole” that it boggles the mind of anybody who has half a functioning mind.

One of the most popular uses of this somewhat semi-profane word is as a descriptive imagery defining somebody’s superior (Boss) who is not particularly well-liked in the employment arena.

It can just as easily be applied to a chronically-unpleasant spouse, a pain-in-the-ass relative (My cousin, the asshole) or the judge that gave you the fine for the speeding ticket.

Most of the time the term is used to describe somebody who is totally arrogant (A Liberal who refuses to compromise a position) (A teacher who demands adherence to rote memory instead of letting students think for themselves [another kind of Liberal.]

“asshole” can also be a nasty-tempered dog who latches onto your ankle and refuses to let go until you tase his ass.

Another kind of “asshole” is somebody (Like myself for instance)(Because I really don’t give a rat’s ass) who refuses to treat other people with respect. I sometimes find myself to be a total asshole in this regard and it seems to be one of my defining characteristics.

My transgender son is an asshole sometimes — especially when he becomes angry at me and tells me to go f**k myself or something …. which is rare but it has happened.

Some assholes are the kind of people who go about creating facts to fit their narratives. This probably applies to a lot of the negative narratives that a lot of Liberal assholes (which accounts for most of them in my estimation) who love to create negative facts to apply to President Trump and/or his administration.

I find that the term applies very aptly to most Leftist Liberal dick heads who absolutely believe that the world was created for their own exclusive use and that they were appointed to be the purveyors of the last word in judgment over all other people and absolute dictators over the lives of everyone who comes into contact with them …. the promoters of Big Daddy government — the haters of God and Trump and (Unwittingly) themselves.

The famous Mirriam-Webster Dictionary says that an “asshole” is usually vulgar (That’s me in a nutshell, folks) and/or a stupid, annoying or detestable person. (I know some Liberal bloggers like that … some that look like fat little frogs with their big thick glasses and their fat cherubic faces exuding the most glorious signs of extreme blood pressure and paranoia … others that look like decrepit old tortoises on their last legs.

But whatever “assholes” are I believe it would be a pretty sterile and uninteresting world without them.

Trolls are assholes — the kind of Internet troll who leaves insulting, hateful, combative comments on blogs with no other agenda than to provoke an argument or to invoke an emotional response.

I used to hate trolls but these days I would welcome a few of them if they were of a mind to come on here and leave a few comments telling me what a total asshole I am.

I would dearly love it.

‘But I think whoever or whatever it is that censors blogs here in this place will not let them get through to do their thing.




2 thoughts on “asshole

    1. Well Pete … I too seem to be able to get through my censors because I can see the stuff I write and I am sure that I could not see what I write if I were being censored — so maybe I am smarter than I am better looking or something — and please remember that I, John, am one big “Conservative-Leaning” asshole myself. Does that put us in an exclusive club or does that place us in the Main Stream of things?

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