That question has been asked before

If you check the facts you will find that it has never been enough for Congress to act and probably will never be enough for Congress to act. There is too much gun money in and around Congress for anything to ever change:

It is apparent to someone like me that America places a higher value on gun ownership than they do on the heads of their beloved children.

Look at this when you get the chance — ( THE BIG LIST).

From the commencement of the 21st century to the most recently occurring shooting (of February 14, 2018), the number of shootings is 206 +1 (this total is currently at a +1 value to the number shown : 60 + 146 shootings; including the most recent of February 14th, 2018, to represent the fact of the likelihood of the number listed in this article not including all the actual occurred number, and to represent the absolute certainty of the number simply being at a +1 value by probability of another shooting at some time during 2018).

2 thoughts on “That question has been asked before

  1. I saw an interesting BBC report yesterday. Less than one mile from that school, a huge indoor ‘Gun Fair’ was being held. It was attended by hundreds, if not thousands, of people, who were enthusiastically looking at the wide range of weapons available for them to buy and take home.
    The organiser was interviewed, and he really couldn’t see the irony, or that his event was in bad taste.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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