Is President Trump Off The Hook Or What? No American Collusion Found!

” … Michael Goodwin claims that the recent indictment of Russians proves “Trump won fair and square. …”

Anyone with any analytical abilities at all could tell from the start that any claim that President Trump won the election by any other than honorable means was nothing but the hot air of an enraged Left Wing bunch of Democrats and Liberals.

Now that the “Russian Collusion” thing has pretty much been shown to be a total pack of lies and innuendos designed to harm the presidency of Donald Trump, the Democrats have, in their desperation, begun to shift their gears toward “Obstruction of Justice” as their main horn to blow:

“…Trey Gowdy has said, “No evidence of collusion, so Democrats have pivoted to obstruction of justice …


” … Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) appeared on Special Report Monday to talk about the charge of obstruction of justice being thrown around against President Donald Trump by Congressional Democrats.

Gowdy said if there is an obstruction of justice case to be made, if Comey felt obstructed, “he did a masterful job keeping it out of his memos….”

Where it all goes from here is anybody’s guess, friends but I have noticed that President Trump has done some mighty good things already in his tenure as President and I, personally am not in the mood to see somebody come along and throw a monkey wrench into the progress America is making to ward enhancing Her greatness just because they are still in a funk over losing the 2016 election.

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