If you’re gonna be fair and balanced . . .

There is a fact that some (Perhaps a lot) of Americans either have not learned, do not know, do not care, or refuse to believe and that fact is that no matter whether another citizen of this country agrees with every other citizen of this country, we are all citizens of this country and we all have the same rights and responsibilities — whether we agree with each other all the time on every issue or not.

I don’t believe that everybody can be right all the time and I don’t believe that everybody can be wrong all the time either. I believe the Left Wing Proponetista has the exact same right to express his or her opinion as the Right Wing does and I believe that every American, regardless of their “Stripe” has an obligation to themselves and to the country as a whole to give every opinion and viewpoint out there a fair hearing.

So as I embark on this new direction for “Musings of An Imaginary Billionaire,” I feel that I have a real responsibility to do what I can to see that all manner of impression, opinion, viewpoint and way of seeing things is shared with as many people as possible whether I agree with those resources or not. How dare I, as an American Citizen, question the right of every other American Citizen to have their say — to have their day in the court of public opinion?

In that spirit, may I then encourage all my readers to take the following into consideration:

The following paragraph is actually a link. Once you have read the following paragraph please click on it and it will take you to the original source of the paragraph where you can read even more to your heart’s content.

Right wing conservatism, typically a nationalist movement, has found a home using patriotism as a battle cry.  It’s as if conservatism exists for two things alone… making every issue a patriotic fight to protect the country, and to establish Christianity as THE religion of control.. and that tolerance for other religions exists as some benevolent right rather than an inalienable (or unalienable.. both are accepted) right.  In fact, right wing conservatives have no more “ownership” or license of the use of “patriotism” any more or less than any other American citizen.  I consider myself equally as patriotic as President Trump or the guy sitting at home dressed in camo, dry firing his AK-47 into the TV set.  You swear allegiance to this country then you can be its patriot.  But don’t suggest to me one bit that conservatives are some Knights Templar wannabes selected to defend the “holy grail” Constitution.  That’s MY job.. as it is the job of 350 million other U.S. citizens.”

3 thoughts on “If you’re gonna be fair and balanced . . .

    1. All degrees, varieties and intensities of intellectual effort needs to be shared in a Democratic Republic with a First Amendment whether we agree with other people or not. There is always some value in an idea … any idea … There is no such thing as an idea that should not be presented, thought about, observed and/or acted upon in one fashion or another …. so yes, I respect Doug and I am pleased that he is concerned enough about our mutual well-being to take the time to express himself through the blog. I believe that outright censorship is the work of tyranny and I am not a tyrant. I am stubborn to be sure; I am opinionated and defense of my opinions … sometimes fiercely so … but I do not censor other people just because I may not agree with everything that is said.

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