Apparition of Some Significant Elegance

A dreamy sequence of flowing thought — a magnificent reverie catching me unawares:

Public Domain Wikimedia

I love the good things in life as much or more than I detest the sour notes.

Soft slippers — bare feet in a deep-pile plush rug — fine brandy before a fireplace dancing with light — the wind howling around the house perched on a crag in the great mountain range — settled snug in my easy chair — the world a thousand miles away — time to nap, to sleep to dream.

Memories of my Grandfather’s London Dock pipe tobacco — the comforting presence of my miniature collie dog — my little finch bird stretching her wings in her cage — the snow on the window sill — the smell of fresh-baked scones coming from the kitchen.

A billion dollars tucked away in a dozen bank accounts bears no value at all when compared to the wondrous little essences that drift upon the person in the course of a life well blessed.

And more valuable than all …. the people you love …. and the people who love you back.

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