wrong emphasis

I read somewhere where a big American bank and at least three different car rental companies have terminated all business dealings with the National Rifle Association (NRA) as part of the ongoing furor over the number and tragedy of shootings that have been going on in America because of what some people see as a lack of appropriate controls on guns.

I am not sure the NRA can be blamed. I do not believe it is the NRA members who are running around with assault weapons gunning citizens down in cold blood.

I do not believe the NRA is responsible for the gun madness in this country because simple “Ownership” of weapons is not the reason the gun madness persists. The reason for the gun madness is not found in the fact that people own guns … it is found in the fact that some people who have managed to get their hands on guns are batshit crazy!

I don’t think the answer to gun violence lies in restricting the number of guns sold but I think it depends on enforcing the gun laws we already have on the books.

If the following wasn’t so tragic I think it might even be funny. Read the article and then try to imagine what it would be like if some “Armed” teacher did the same thing and then tell me you believe that it won’t happen someday:


3 thoughts on “wrong emphasis

    1. But they would be friendly guns that would enable assassiins to be dealt with before they could kill many people and before the first responders finally arrive on the scene and cower outside.

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