devil in the details

I look at the Internet and I laugh!

Americans (Some foolish Americans) think they are going to go onto the Internet and discuss their views and opinions about volatile subjects like sex and politics and relationships and actually have their words mean something to somebody else.

But what these poor souls ( and I count myself among them) do not realize is that as time has gone on, the Internet has been taken over by big money just the same as the Main Stream Media has and there is — at this point in time — no such thing as a “Free” platform where Americans may “Freely” discuss their feelings, their concerns, their anger, their feat — because the very means of communication that the lower order of humanity might use to communicate with each other is no longer free at all but is totally controlled and manipulated by giant communications megaliths calling themselves “Internet Service Providers” and these Internet Service Providers have developed sophisticated devices that allow them to decide what does and what does not appear in the Public Realm on their “Owned” communications media.

Currently the Big Money in Internet Providers seems to rest with Interests with fantastically Liberal orientations and I think I can safely guarantee you that if you try to inject anything onto their turf that even smells like a Conservative point of view you are going to find yourself so far down the totem pole on their indexes that you may never be seen or it might be a very accidental occurrence if somebody does actually find you in their search function.

I think the process of making dissent on some of these platforms is very subtle indeed and that the poor stupid blog owners probably do not notice the slow, subtle degrading of their stats and the number of visitors they are “allowed” to have on their blogs but that in reality, they are being slowly and deliberately degraded by the puppet masters who own the electronic space the bloggers are trying to inject their voices into and the idea behind all this is to frustrate the targeted bloggers so that in the end they will simply throw up their hands in disgust and quite their efforts to be heard altogether.

Can I prove any of this? No, I cannot because the adversary is so very clever and has a thousand mechanisms in place to achieve its deeds and it has so much greater amounts of money with which to advance its agenda as to make the mind roil and boil with utter confusion — and yes, even disbelief!

If you want to blog about kitties and cornbread then there is every possibility that the puppetmasters will allow you some of their precious domain to rattle and prattle in.

But try to have a logical or even an opinionated online discussion about something controversial like guns and gun laws and chances are that whatever you have to say will be seen by a very select audience of specially electronically-selected bots pretending to be real human beings but your real message will be purposely bounced off somewhere into the vast darkness of space where nobody will ever see it again unless they have some kind of electronic accident and catch it unwittingly on some device somewhere.

Yesterday I became angry at first and then deliriously overcome with mirth and humor at the unpretentious audacity of one well-known super giant among social media whose censorship antics are well known, totally blatant and in your face to such a degree as to appear absolutely ridiculous.

I was on that platform yesterday doing my damnedest to write and publish a “Note” about the recent school shootings in Florida and the essence of my argument was that gun control is needed to some degree in America.

I wrote and published that note on this social site at least three times and at first, it was right there where it belonged — on my “Timeline” and then, if I refreshed the page for any reason and returned to where I had left the “Note” it was nowhere to be found. Nowhere! It had mysteriously vanished completely into thin air. It became glaringly clear to me that somebody was not going to allow my anti-gun sentiments to be seen on their Internet space and so it just disappeared!

That manipulative and selective censorship isn’t even hidden or denied. It just happens!

I am sure it happens on blogging platforms as well but when it does believe it is much more subtle and the blogger may be totally unaware that nobody is seeing what he or she posts other than some electronic pseudo personalities called “Bots” and just enough real people who can talk intelligently to make the blogger think that he has an expansive audience.

In other words, I believe that bloggers who do not fit the mould of the parameter setters on the World Wide Web are being segregated and more or less being cast into the outer darkness and the cutsie writers, the poets, the romantics, the gourmets, the Liberals are having free reign over all things that could be considered as communications and there isn’t a damned thing that anybody can do about it.

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