THE IKARIAN DIET is supposed to be good for you and is said to help people live to a ripe old age but I am not given to taking this kind of information lightly — but I am always willing to try something different for myself — so I am going to give the Ikarian diet a try for a couple of days and see what happens.

Where is Ikaria?

Ikaria is a Grecian island and the picture above is taken from Wikipedia and is listed there as being in the Public Domain.

But this post is not about Ikaria per se but is about the diet the islanders eat and a diet that I am going to try out for a day or so or a week or two and see what happens.

Breakfast will consist of Greek-style yogurt, whole-grain bread, raw unfiltered honey, and coffee.

Lunch will consist of Beans, potatoes, a variety of steamed garden vegetables with an emphasis on greens (spinach, kale and the like.) all served with a liberal splash of virgin olive oil.

Dinner is not yet settled in my mind but I am sure that for the time being it will be my normal unhealthy American-style “Meat and Potatoes” fare until I get my feet further into the waters of the Mediterranean experience that I am trying out here.

My idea for trying the two meals above is that a little healthy food is better than none at all.


4 thoughts on “Ikaria

  1. The Mediterranean diet has long been recommended here, to promote longevity.
    The problem is that it is rarely as cold and bleak in countries like Greece, so easy to get by on salads, fresh ingredients, and good quality oil. In the middle of a British winter, I want to eat something hot and filling. But his diet is great in the summer.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Good luck…I have never been successful with these diets….I stick with eating less and try to exercise more……that will have to wait until my doctor gives me the okay….have a good Saturday my friend chuq


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