How to write catchy titles for your blog posts

People who struggle and wrack their brains to write either their blog posts or the titles for their blog posts are basically wasting their time.

The reason they are wasting their time is that most people who read blogs — and there are getting to be fewer and fewer of those as time goes by, as the population becomes more mobile and as electronic device screens continue to shrink in size — The reason there are fewer and fewer people reading blogs is that people are getting lazier and lazier as technology and the social order that surrounds them does more and more things for them.

So I have discovered that the best way to write catchy blog titles is not to worry about writing catchy blog titles at all but is to reduce the size of your titles to somewhere near the size of the type you use in the main body of your post and use the first sentence of your blog post as your title.

If most blog readers get past your first sentence you are in like Flynn and they might read another few words as well … or maybe a whole paragraph. (Or, if you are lucky, the whole post.)

And while I am talking about writing catchy headlines for blog posts let me add something else:  Most of the blogs that get the big numbers of visitors and the most recognition from egg head monitors who assign awards and points are written on a plain white or light gray background like the one I have just this instant added to “Musings” and they more or less stay with the original design of the blogging theme they chose for their work — and I have now reduced my own blog to the very basics of the design the creative minds envisioned when they first introduced the “Twenty Eleven” Theme with the sold exception that I have bolded and italicized the type for the sake of my viewers who may have some kind of vision challenge.

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