The Mirror In The Cave And The Stranger In White

Years ago I studied a lot of Far Eastern and Esoteric religions and I became fascinated with an exercise of the spirit and of the will called “Astral Projection.”

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So what, exactly is “Astral Projection?”

Astral Projection is defined by some who practice the faith system which includes it as a normal exercise as “The intentional act of making one’s spirit leave one’s body and observe the natural surroundings around the body.”

Most of the time, this process called “Astral Projection” is done by a subject when the subject is in a state of a sleep-like trance but there are recorded instances of it happening while the subject is yet in the wakened state and conscious.

Nobody really knows whether or not Astral Projection is a real experience or if it is something the person who participates  in it simply believes to be true but people have been investigating it and playing with it for century upon century now so if you believe there is fire where there is smoke then you probably give Astral Projection some credence.

Is it a self-delusion?

I might have thought so at one time until the night I performed a particular experiement with the help of another living human being … a close friend of mine … a friend named, “John” (The same as me.).

John and I agreed that while he was sleeping at some predetermined hour of the early morning, I would attempt to astrally project myself into his presence and make him see or hear me.

Back in those days I was using a tape record self-hypnotic suggestion tape to lead myself into the astral state and so at about Midnight of the pre-agreed night, I started the tape knowing that by One O’clock or thereabouts it should have accomplished its task of helping me to escape my physical body and travel to where my friend was sleeping — a distance of about 5 miles from my own front door.

The next morning I awoke from a normal sleep totally refreshed and having no memory whatever of having been successful in my mission of the night before.

At about Ten O’clock that same morning the phone rang and it was my friend, John, talking very excitedly and asking me to “Come on over here to my house as soon as you can.”

To make a long story short, it turned out that the night before — the night when I was trying to project to him — he had been awakened at about One O’clock by some impulse — not a noise, per se., but by some inexplicable urge (need) to wake up.

He awoke in the semi-darkness of a bedroom dimly lit by a lamp post some distance from his window.

John told me that when he awoke he had a really strange sensation that somebody was in his house and the first thought that occurred to him was “Burglar.”

He told me that as he lay there in his bed in the hazy atmosphere of just having woke up and in the dimly-lit room, the bedroom door suddenly slowly opened as if someone were coming into the room …. but there was no one there!

He said he called to me by speaking my name … (John!!) “John, is that you?”

Having received no answer, he reached for the 44-caliber service revolver that he kept near the bed and waited, breathing heavily and the sweat beginning to bead on his forehead.

Then he says he saw it!

John described seeing a dark, shadowy figure standing at the foot of his bed — barely discernable but definitely humanoid in form. He couldn’t see a face … just a dark shadowy figure with the consistency of “Smoke” (as he put it.).

He called to the apparition again but again there was no answer and John, having panicked, fired a single round into the darkness at the shadowy figure.

His family, having heard the noise of the gunshot came running into his room.

He described what had happened and he showed me the bullet hole in the Southernmost wall of his bedroom … the wall that led to the outdoors … thankfully!

Had he seen my apparition during the astral experiment?

I cannot say for sure and John surely could never say for sure.

But on one other occasion, I think I was more successful in reaching out to somebody in this fashion.

Once again there was another experiment between myself and a friend who consented to participate.

The result of this experiment was that the friend reported having been awakened from a deep sleep by the rattling of his little bedside fan and when he looked toward the fan he swore that he could see my face in the whirring blades looking at him.

In the process of astral projection, the person doing the projecting is said to remain attached to their physical body by an appendage called “The Astral Umbilical.” It is said among believers and practitioners that if the astral umbilical is ever severed then the person cannot return to their physical body and the body dies.

One night when I was playing with projection it came time for me to return to my body. (There is always a sense of urgency when it is time to return to the physical.).

But, try as I might, that particular evening, I could not force myself to enter back into my body — I tried and tried — but I remained in a state of detachment and the sense of urgency was increasing very dramatically.

I got to a panic stage and began to pray to God to help me.

In a few seconds after that I was awake normally in my body and in my bed again, breathing a sigh of relief.

Had I come close to death that night? I may never know.

What I do know is that I have never once again (since that time) tried to do astral projection. That last trip scared me very badly and I have been afraid to try it since.

But I have written this much and I have never told you about the mirror in the cave and the stranger in white.

The mirror in the cave appeared to me in one of my astral projection states and it was just after I had stood on some kind of mountainside ledge somewhere in a place that I had never seen before and overlooked a gleaming city in white — almost an alabaster-colored city!

It was during this dream state that I also encountered a magnificently-attired male figure with flowing, shining, golden hair, all dressed in a brilliantly-lit white robe.

The figure never spoke a word to me but beckoned me to enter into the mirror in the cave. The figure did not speak the words, but I sensed inwardly that is what he wanted me to do and so I did it …. and once I had done it, I awoke in my bed, safely in my own home once again.

Had I met my guardian angel or my spirit guide or my higher self? I will never know the answer to that question either — as long as I am still among the living.

What do you think?





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