I once had as many as Twelve cats all at the same time and I loved them all and every one of them had a name ….. and they knew their names!


The good part was that I could play with them and they seemed to enjoy playing with me in a group or as individuals …. it didn’t seem to matter to my kitties! They always seemed more than happy to share me with each other.

The sad part was the times when one of them wouldn’t come home in the morning. I would cry and cry and call the missing kitty’s name over and over again but to no avail.

I never quite got used to this sadness because I allowed myself to become too attached to my little furry friends.

Once in a while, I would let one or two of them sleep with me in my bed at night — especially when the weather was cold outside. The rest of them lived near the furnace under the floor of the house where I had crawled in and placed straw for them to snuggle on and to sleep on. They seemed comfortable and content.

I liked being lulled off to sleep at night by the steady, calm purring of a cat.

My Mom always warned me not to sleep with a kitty because “They will suck your breath while you sleep.”

It must not have happened because I am still here.

I do not have any kitties today because where I live I am not allowed to have any.

But — if I could — I certainly would!




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