My Favorite Calorie Saving Diet Soup

I have known for a long time that eating soup prior to a regular meal is a calorie saver and I have since developed my own special diet soup that I think tastes good and I also think it helps me control the calories I eat at meals.

Zesty Diet Vegetable Soup

Here is what goes into the soup:

One head of chopped cabbage
Two diced white Idaho potatoes
Two chopped peeled carrots
One diced zucchini squash
One diced yellow squash
5 or 6 sweet onions chopped
A couple of sweet green bell peppers also chopped
One bunch of chopped celery
2 cups chicken broth Easily purchased at a grocery store.)
One envelope of dry onion soup mix
Two large cans of diced tomatoes
Six cups tomato juice
One tablespoon instant lemon juice
Four or five crushed garlic cloves or 1-1/2 tablespoons garlic powder
Pepper to taste — salt to taste if needed.

Put all the ingredients into a large pan on a stovetop, bring it to a boil, reduce the heat to simmer and simmer for about an hour keeping an eye on it all the time and stirring once in awhile.

You may add a little water as this cooks if it becomes too thick for your tastes.

I find that I can eat this stuff almost constantly and for some strange reason I never really tire of the taste of it …. as long as I remember to keep it hot when I eat it.

There are plenty of other recipes for diet soups all over the Internet and all you need to do to find them is to search for them. Use the keywords, “Diet Soups” or “Soup Diet.”

It might not do anything for you but it helps to keep me from stuffing myself constantly with things that are not all that good for me …. Junk food comes to mind.

Safe From Everything

I have noticed something strange lately but I think I may have realized it a long time before now.

What I discovered and really paid attention to this morning was that when I look into a mirror and shut my eyes, I am suddenly invisible!

I am sure,  but cannot prove conclusively,  that if I cannot see me then nobody else can either.

Pardon me while I adjust some loose feathers here … just have to scratch in the sand a little bit.

Oh, by the way …. Earthworms are ugly but innocent.

I can’t wait for some generous charitable soul to come along and make me a big hot fudge sundae or a big bowl of coconut pasta.

What Warnings May Come

Life does not come equipped with ready-made warnings. We have to encounter them as circumstances dictate and as we move along our Life’s path. Be forewarned …. there are no convenient warnings out there!

Image From Pixabay Creative Commons

Everybody makes their share of mistakes in this life and not a few of us tend to ignore the warnings when they come. We are often the authors of our own regrets because we see the warnings that come as either insignificant, unimportant or trifling. Lessons need to be learned but rarely are. Fortunate are those who learn to deal effectively with the warnings that appear to them!

What I am saying is true for most people but it should not be true for anybody because warnings are the oil sometimes that prevents the wheels from seizing up and stopping altogether. Ask anybody who ran through a red light and is now speaking to you from a hospital bed in the midst of a full body cast.

There is so much pain, frustration, anxiety, tension, disappointment that could be avoided if people were only more sensitive to the warnings that confront them.

“Do not jump off that 30-foot barn roof and hope that bed sheet you are holding will act as a parachute!”

If Jimmy had listened to that warning, he wouldn’t have broken both his legs that sunny July day.

“Do not strike a match in your basement if you smell the odor of gas coming from your water heater.”

Old Clem would still have a recognizable face if he had heeded that warning!

Life is like a glass of bubbling, fizzing sparkling water …. the bubbles are the experiences of living …. the speed at which the bubbles rise to the top of the glass are the warnings of the shortness of Life.

The glass without any bubbles is dead.

There are many examples.

Can you share a few of your own ideas?

There are more wonderful bloggers writing about the subject of “Warning” this morning on the “Daily Post” feature of WordPress. You can read them here:

National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month.

I have written a few poems in my lifetime and most of them are free verse, have no designed cadence, rhythm or “meter” — are freestyle and generally tend to suck a**!

But for the perusal and pleasure of whatever aficionados come here to visit, I shall offer the most current of my intrinsically inspired gems:

Vision Of A Tree
A Pome
By John Liming

I think that I shall never see

A sight so funny as – – –

A Plywood tree!

More dirt for your education —–




Amazing What $30,000 Can Get You!

If I hadn’t seen this on the Internet I would never have believed it and I am still not certain whether it is true or not. But it is good entertainment for those who love the strange and unusual and I am hoping you, my beloved readers will get a kick out of it.

This is your opportunity to own your very own statue of a representation of President Donald Trump in the nude!

You may thank me later.

Check it out by clicking on the link below:

The Sea Turtle


My ultimate dream
To see a real live sea turtle
So I went to the aquarium
And a good friend went with me.
We saw the turtle and it was fine
But we wanted to see it closer
So we leaned over the railing
And the curious creature drew near.
There was a flash of action
A scream and a chomping sound
And when my ears cleared up again
My friend was nowhere around.
But the turtle was making
A really satisfied sound.