3/3/2018 – More Randomness

First of all, let me assure you that this post is not 100% political although I could not control my tendencies to wax that way on some of what I have written here. It’s in my blood and I cannot help some of it but I think I am getting better about talking about other things now.

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Yesterday was very difficult for me. It seems the Winter has finally gotten me down and I spent a whole day in some kind of funk that felt a lot like depression.

I was almost too tired to do much of anything except lay around the house. But I did manage to get to the rip-off grocery store where they are making a lot of changes to the layout of their store but also where it is increasingly obvious they are gouging on a lot of prices — They are the only game in town, after all. It is never good when one individual retail establishment is the only game in town!

I listened as Russian Premier/President/Dictator/God-Figure, Putin rattled and raved about how he now possesses nuclear missiles that are far more advanced than any in the entire world and that he will not refuse to use them against The United States under certain conditions.

As the aging shirtless wonder, the KGB relic that runs Russia with an iron hand kept talking about his new missiles I started to get little pictures of North Korean Frog, Kim Whatever-His-Name-Is throwing his little hissy fits about how he will destroy America with his nuclear arsenal if he becomes too paranoid.

I remember the days when our stated mission as Americans was to make sure that North Korea never became a nuclear somebody. I guess we blew it on that one, didn’t we? Now they not only have nuclear capabilities but they are doing what I always thought they would do it they ever got nukes …they are threatening The United States with them.

And the Ruskies are imitating the North Cumerians (Emphasis on “Cum”) and I ask, “To what purpose?” Oh yes! It is time for another Russian Election (Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!) and I guess the Great Russian Grandpa thinks he has to campaign! LOL!

I think it is going on about a month now since the school shootings in Florida that are supposed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back on gun control in America took place and, as I originally suspected, the only thing that is happening as a result of that shooting is talk, talk, and more talk. Nothing concrete! No actual changes in any laws that amount to a hill of beans. Just flailing around in the waters of confusion. I believe it will stay this way too — until the next horrible gun-related event takes place and in my mind that is not a matter of “If.” It is a matter of “When?”

My friend from Great Britain informs me, “We don’t have gun violence here in The UK and the only time anybody gets shot is when a policeman or a criminal shoots them.” I thought, “Well that is good news for the UK!”

You see, folks, Great Britain has this awful school shooting a few years ago and they passed two major gun violence control laws that seem to be working for the most part even though there are reportedly still at least a Thousand illegal weapons loose in “The Kingdom.” You might want to take a minuted and read up on what is going on in The UK with gun violence since those anti-gun laws were passed:

“Both laws were enacted in response to mass shootings, with the Firearms Act motivated by a 1996 primary school massacre that left 16 5- and 6-year-olds dead. Today, “most gun crime can be traced to back to fewer than 1,000 illegal weapons still in circulation” and anyone looking to obtain a gun will find themselves “resorting to rebuilt antique weapons, homemade bullets and even illicit “rent-a-gun” schemes.” Gun rights activists say the bans go too far, stigmatizing legal owners as well as the traditional sport of game-hunting. ”

I have been getting tired of politics lately. My friend, Jim says he is getting tired of politics too. It seems like every time we turn on a radio or a television set that is all we see, “Politics, Politics and more Politics” — mostly anti-Trump politics since most of the American Media is nothing more or less than a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Leftist Political Camp and generally say and do everything they can say and do to promote Liberalism and defeat Conservatism. America needs an accessible big-time Conservative Voice, that’s for sure!

My weight is out of control again because I have been housebound for most of the Winter but thank God it is getting closer to Springtime again and I might be able to get out of the house and go walking or running or jogging a little bit soon now. I can’t wait! If my lingering depressive state can be dissipated a little bit I might actually get out and do something once in awhile now.

I have tried drinking lemon juice, water, and honey in an attempt to control my appetite and that wasn’t worth the effort. I tried raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with water and honey and that proved useless too. I tried increasing the amount of fiber in my diet and all that did was produce a lot of horrible excess gas and the accompanying degree of flatulence and that is nothing to be proud of either but it does bring up a kind of humour story that I heard once:

I read a story once where this guy ate so much gas-producing food and got so fat that he could barely walk and became bed-ridden. That is not the part of the story that I want to swell on however.

The part of the story that I find both tragic and hilarious at the same time is that one night this guy went to bed, closed his windows, locked his bedroom door and farted so much that he asphyxiated himself with methane gas from his flatulence. I do not know whether it was an accident or whether it was intentional but It did cause me to start thinking and I started referring to what this guy did to himself as “Suicide By Fart!”

Speaking of physical discomfort and embarrassing situations — I ate three slices of something called “15-Grain-Bread” the other morning and I suffered excessive intestinal gas all day long! I am sure 15-grain-bread is healthy enough but for the time being it is not one of my favorite things! It was fun to leave a gas trail down some of the aisles at the supermarket though. I am sure that sooner or later somebody walked through the lingering green sulfurous cloud that I left hanging in the air. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


I have become more and more fascinated with the development of those high-flying drones that I have been reading about. They seem to be flying in every available inch of airspace these days and I simply cannot wait until somebody invents one big enough and powerful enough to carry passengers. I want to fly in one of those when they come about.  I am also waiting for news of the first drone-owner/operator who is arrested for trying to make his highly-miniaturized drone peek up the skirts of some incensed woman somewhere thus introducing a new form of sexual assault into the world. LOL.



3 thoughts on “3/3/2018 – More Randomness

  1. An interesting mix, John.

    -Not sure about the suicide by farting, but it’s an amusing idea.
    -I note that there was another school shooting in Michigan yesterday, when a student killed his own parents in the dormitory.
    -As for drones, I think they are dangerous in unskilled hands, and a sure way to invade privacy.

    I hope you are feeling happier today.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I want a drone that I can sit in and control from the inside — I know it is coming. If it costs less than $250-thousand, I might even consider buying a cooperative share in one.

      Liked by 1 person

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