Spirit Is Fire

Imagine a candle without a flame and you are imagining a dead thing — an inanimate thing — a useless thing.

Imagine a person without Spirit and you are imagining a dead thing — and inanimate thing — a useless thing.

In order to live and have being and purpose the candle needs for its wick to be set afire and once this happens the candle becomes a light to guide the way through darkness or to offer comfort in the frightful night.

In order for a person to actually live and for a Life to have meaning, the person must be imbued with spirit because the spirit is the light of the person and without the spirit, the person is a useless shell.

Does this require belief?

No! It requires no more than the acceptance of knowledge that all Mankind has known for eons of centuries and which those who achieve and have purpose still cling to today.

Denial of a commonly-accepted truth does not negate that truth for anyone but the one who does not wish to embrace it.

By this concept it is totally possible for a person to become an island — and that is never a comfortable place to be …. alone!

The greatest proof of the existence of spirit is Mankind’s constant quest for it over the centuries. There is an element built into the person of the Human Being that causes it to seek spirit and spiritual meaning.

Denial of the element within does not nullify it nor make it not so … except perhaps, to the ego of the one doing the denying.

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