Random Acts Of Kindness

There was this famous quote from Princess Diana of The United Kingdom that said, “Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.”

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In other words, performing acts of random kindness is a gamble — a roll of the dice. If you have a habit of performing random acts of kindness toward other people the chances are 50/50 that your good works will one day return to you …. which means, after all analysis is finished …. that you might end up either a continuous winner or a forever loser. (Nothing is guaranteed) — The operative word in the afore-stated quotation is “Might.” (Someone “Might” (No guarantees) do the same for you.

Which brings us to the inevitable question, “Maybe we ought to be awfully careful who we select to be recipients of our random acts of kindness. Maybe caution is called for!

I would hate to think of the scenario where I go to reach into my wallet to withdraw a dollar to give to a petitioning bum who, upon observing the wad of bills in my wallet, decides to knock me in the head and run away with the entire wallet … contents and all … leaving me dazed, confused, bleeding and heartbroken on the pavement.

Of course I would also hate to think of the scenario where I come upon a crowd of people standing around while an automobile burns and a person trapped inside is obviously beating on the windows to get out and is screaming silently but the window won’t break or the door won’t open and in a few minutes the hapless creature is going to be enveloped in searing flames.

Do I dare rush into the melee, hammer in hand, to bust the window, drag the victim to safety and risk getting sued for manhandling or injuring the person I just saved?

I trow not!

I think that I shall, henceforth, reserve any random acts of kindness for people who are solidly in the circle of my acquaintance and let those expert in rendering aid and assistance to strangers do their thing.

I would add one note to all this: If you are going to be a doer of good deeds randomly to other people, do not make the mistake of getting a reputation for doing it. If you get the reputation, you will never have a minutes peace for all the people who will come out of the woodwork like a horde of roaches to petition you for favors. Been there, done that!

Having written the aforesaid, I now stand ready and willing to entertain all arguments from all sides of the issue from the endless multitudes of my adoring fans.

What say you?

2 thoughts on “Random Acts Of Kindness

  1. Not sure I am one for ‘random’ acts. But If I hear about someone who really needs help in some way, than I tend to offer. I’m probably not spontaneous enough to just do something on a whim though.

    I did once step in on a tube train incident many years ago, when a man was pushing a young girl around, and shouting at her, I went and asked her if she needed help, and she replied “F**k Off and mind your own business, mister.” I avoided such situations after that.

    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Your experience as detailed here is representative of most such encountersI am sure and that is why I would rather watch than help. There are legal liabilities to helping sometimes … liabilities that cost good samaritans scads of money.

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