Trump To Meet NK Strong Man Kim

In a surprise announcement this evening we learned that President Trump and North Korean Dictator, Kim what’s-his-name are scheduled for a face-to-face meeting at some as-yet-undisclosed location sometime before May 2018.


Please keep this blog post handy somewhere so you can reference it because I am going to use this post to make a prediction and you need to have this post laying around somewhere when what I say will happen occurs.

My prediction is that sometime tomorrow morning, the Lame Stream Media and all their cronies are going to start going bonkers claiming that this meeting between President Trump and the North Korean Dictator is nothing more or less than some kind of “Collusion” between Trump and North Korea or that President Trump may be planning to sell The United States out one way or another using our national relationship with North Korea as the bargaining chip.

You heard it here first, folks! I hope I will be able sometime soon to say, “I told you so!”

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