Better Needle Threading

I do not sew much because I am a guy and if I need something sewn I run off to the local laundry and pay somebody to do it for me.


This has not always been the case and I have the scars from a thousand accidental needle punches in one of my fingers to prove it.

The thing is that when I was in the Army and later, the Air Force, I had to sew patches onto uniforms … buttons onto jackets, etc. I spent hours squinting my eyes and trying to get that little annoying thread to pass through the eye of a needle. It was frustrating to the point of becoming disgusting.

When my kids were born, it got even worse!

One day something struck me on the head right out of a clear blue sky: If I could find a way to make the end of the thread I was trying to pass through the eye of the needle a little straighter and stiffer, I would be good to go.

I tried spitting on it. Everybody spits on their thread and then tries to twist it into a point.

But my wife said, “Why don’t you try putting a dab of my nail polish on the end of that thread and when it dries you got your problem solved.

She was right, of course.

In our 33-year marriage, My Wife tended to be right about almost everything.

It doesn’t take much nail polish — just a little.

Just dab the end of the thread with the polish, give it a little twist, blow on it til dry and voila!

Problem solved.

5 thoughts on “Better Needle Threading

    1. My whole thing with this post was an effort to write something that readers could find useful or informative — something that would add value to their lives … that is what blogs are supposed to do … add value to the lives of readers. I am still struggling with the concept.

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