Furnace Failure

All electrical appliances seem to fail at the exact most inconvenient time, don’t they?

Yesterday our main furnace failed as the wires on its heat-exchanger melted and burned and filled the house with its acrid odor.

Image From Pixabay Creative Commons

So the furnace repairman came —– We are so grateful he was willing to come out on a Sunday —– and tomorrow morning, bright and early, we are getting a brand new, ultra-modern, high-efficiency furnace with a new, updated thermostat on the wall.

Between last night and this morning, we used a space-heating unit borrowed from the furnace repairman. It is one of those silently-running infra-red, quartz reflective things like the ones that were invented by the Amish People a few years ago —– a lot of safety devices —- never gets hot to the touch —- heats a 1,000-square-foot area —– low on energy consumption —– It must be safe enough because I did wake up breathing this morning ….. LOL.

Still have remnants of the gout in my left foot but it is resolving itself slowly. I could have gotten a prescription of a drug called “Gabapentin” for it but after I read the “Patient Information Sheet” I became frightened of the drug —– and so I guess I will suffer it out without the aid and assistance of anything else but a few glasses of tart cherry juice and some lemonade —- and lots of bed rest —- and lots of liquid —- and lots of profanity!

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