The Endless House In My Dream

Room Architecture Residential Structure Within at Max Pictures

I find myself dreaming of being inside a house that never ends and I am moving from room to room. The rooms are numberless, they are always empty except for a few that are luxuriously decorated — but there is never any other person in the dream beside me. And there doesn’t seem to be any way out either. — So I wander and explore until I wake up.

Edgar Cayce, the great American healing seer and prophet once remarked that a dream of a large house (Or any house) in which you find yourself is representative of your own body and the condition of the house in the dream reflects the condition of the living body of the person doing the dreaming.

Since the room in my dream is so old and desolate but still standing, it seems to me that it represents the fact that  I am pushing 80 right now and probably not in as good condition as I once was.

It is a recurring dream so it must mean something!

2 thoughts on “The Endless House In My Dream

  1. I love dreams. I have many, and remember most of them vividly. I am sure that your dream of an endlessly large house is you inhabiting the various ‘rooms’ of your long life, and trying to come to some conclusion about everything that has happened in it. Whatever the reason, I find it fascinating, and familiar.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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