Trump Fires Secretary Of State, Rex Tillerson!

Reports are rife all over the Internet that U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson has been fired by President Trump and as everybody knows, the two gentlemen have had their differences of opinion in recent days, weeks and months. (If one can believe the News.).

I don’t know, at this point, whether Mr. Tillerson was fired or not but I do know that he probably is privy to a lot of information that is valuable to both President Trump and President Trump’s enemies so let us see if anything develops in the area of future plans for either of these men in regards to this current news (speculation)(rumor) about the firing of the Secretary of State.

I do not know the significance of the timing of this kind of firing because it wasn’t all that long ago that the President was talking about Mr. Tillerson wasting his time by trying to negotiate peace with North Korea and now … on the very eve that the President himself is scheduled to meet with the North Korean Dictator, he fires the Secretary of State. I am a little bit confused about that state of affairs.

With all this excitement supposedly going on right now I cannot help but wonder, silently to myself, if Robert Mueller might not be dusting off any files he has that might be  labeled, “Crap I Have Found Out About Rex Tillerson.?”




6 thoughts on “Trump Fires Secretary Of State, Rex Tillerson!

    1. At that level of responsibility, it is perfectly justified to fire someone who calls their superior a moron … undermines the entire agenda of the administration — good riddance! That was totally unprofessional.

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