Dreaming Of Jimmy Hoffa

I dreamed I was in an automobile with Jimmy Hoffa last night. The dream was strange because there was a cake in the car with us … a cake in the shape of a rat. The cake was decorated with plain orange-colored icing and there was no other decoration on the cake at all. I cannot imagine why I dreamed of Jimmy Hoffa. I didn’t know him, never met him, only knew about him from what I read in the newspapers. I do know his disappearances is still one of the greatest American mysteries. It is the same almost as with that damnable automobile parts manufacturing plant where I worked at in Michigan. There is nothing left of that awful place but a pile of rubble and a vacant lot. I have long since rejoiced in the demise of that place because they were not at all kind to me there. I remember the little fat broad on the adjacent production line telling me once, “It’s a lot better being in here than being on the outside looking in.” Oh, I don’t know! I have been on the outside looking in for quite a few years now and it hasn’t hurt me any. In fact if I were not on the outside looking in I would not be in the fantastic financial and personal position that I find myself in today because I would still be punching a time clock at a dead end assembly line and listening to the union representative tell me why he couldn’t do a damned thing to help me. The old plant is gone now — reduced to a pile of rat-infested junk and the 2,500 people who once smoked their dope on breaks there are dispersed to the four winds. “Good riddance” is all that I can muster to say!

Picture Credit: PIXABAY

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