The Lost Reservation

It was going to be a glorious evening ….. or so he thought!

He had wanted to eat at that restaurant for months and so he called and made a single reservation for 7:30 PM on the evening of Wednesday the 15th. The person on the phone was very courteous and sounded very professional and repeated the time and date of the reservation back to him. He beamed with satisfaction because this was a really upscale place that served Lamb Ke-bobs and had veiled dancers that visited each table to entertain the guests. He arrived on time and went to the reservation desk to check in and to be escorted to his table by a table captain. But the reservation clerk scanned the reservation ledger and couldn’t find his reservation anywhere. “I can’t imagine what happened,” the reservation clerk told him as he began to froth at the beard and to tear at his clothing.” To say that he was angry would be an understatement. “How could they do this to me?” he mused silently as his blood pressure rose. He demanded to see the manager and the manager came and apologized profusely but there would be no seating at a table this evening so the man rent his garments, threw them on the floor in front of the reservation clerk and was hauled off to jail when management called the police. Needless to say, he never again darkened the door of that place and it is a good thing too because a few weeks later the whole thing was shut down by the law when it was discovered that the dancing maidens in the veils were all really call girls for hire and there was a VIP room on the premises where all sorts of untoward happenings occurred.

Art critique by The Imaginary Billionaire
Picture is Public Domain

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