A Fresh Look At Blog Basics

It is very easy to become so involved with something that the technical details become overwhelming so, once in awhile, I feel it is necessary to stop all the struggling and to relax and review the basics once again.

Blogging On All Social Media At Once

We already know that a blog is either a journal or a newsletter that bloggers write and post on the Internet on a more or less regular schedule — although there are some bloggers who prefer to post their materials once a week or once a month or once every few months. The frequency of publication is important to retaining reader interest, for sure, but the quality of information presented seems to be the most important element of successful blogging.

Most blogs are geared toward reporting on and writing about things that are of interest to the author(s) of the blog(s) but a lot of dedicated bloggers search for the magic bullet that will allow them to tap into the interests of their readers as their primary goal. The former path is easier than the latter because it is difficult to read people’s minds. That is why there are resources online to give evidence to the bloggers of what topics are hot and what are not. These resources are often referred to as “Trends.”

Hyperlinks (Links to other blogs and to online information), photos and videos are important elements of modern blogs but the problem with finding reasonably accessible and safe-to-publish pictures and videos are becoming a problem because of a lot of publishers’ sensitivities to copyright laws and potential infringement. Thus it becomes very important for the blogger to be sure of his ground before appropriating a photo or a video he or she finds online to include in his or her own blog.

I have recently become affected by sites such as “Pixabay” and something called “Google Advanced Image Search” because these two (among others) portray themselves as sites where there are illustrations, photos and even videos that are alright for the average blogger to use under certain specified conditions …. conditions such as being willing to publish proper accreditations to original sources and other criteria.

I also like the information presented for the benefit of bloggers by The Electronic Frontier Foundation and have, in fact, often relied on their information in the writing of my own blog articles for online publication. You might want to check them out as well.

There are a lot of bloggers who started out simply enough who have since achieved amazing public exposure, prominence, and prestige. But for the most of us, it is a matter of reaching relatively few readers in order to create dialogues on information predominately of personal or shared interest.

Ever since the elections of the Obama Era, blogs have risen to a position of great importance in keeping the Public informed about matters of politics and other important news and have begun (In my opinion) to supplant or even replace some traditional news resource sites because of a trend toward rising antipathy and mistrust of the traditional news resources which, in some peoples’ minds, have become more “Activist” than “Journalist” in the past few years.

Today there are millions of blogs alive on the Internet but in recent years statistics have appeared that suggest the large Tech sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other micro-blogging sites are starting to take prominence over the traditional blog.

One advantage I find in maintaining a traditional blog is that I can pack more information into a single post and thus give my readers a better picture of whatever I am writing about and, at the same time, I can share my blog posts on the micro-sites via links that are readily available for sharing on Facebook and all the others. So, for all practical purposes, it is now possible to write a single post on a traditional blog and publish it to all the other services such as Facebook and kindred sites almost simultaneously.



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