Inventing My Own Amazingly-Comfortable Pillow

I decided to try my hand at making my own custom bed pillow:

I keep seeing advertisements on TV about this wonderful pillow that somebody has invented and apparently it is taking the country by storm.

The pillow being advertised claims to have all kinds of advantages and since I have never actually purchased one, I am going to take their word for it.

However when I read that this new pillow was somebody’s “Invention,” I said to myself, “If somebody else can invent a wonderful pillow for themselves, then so can I.

I believe in acting on ones’ dreams!

Part of my motivation for trying to create my own ideal pillow lies in the fact that over the past couple of years I have spent a virtual fortune on every kind and type of pillow (Except for the one I just mentioned above) trying to find one that fits my preferences and my comfort zone and I have been more or less unsuccessful …. until now.

The solution to my search for a really great, comfortable and hassle-free pillow ended when I decided to stuff one of those relatively new-fangled “Fleece Throw” blankets into an ordinary high-thread-count pillowcase and tack the open end so that (a) The stuffing won’t fall out of the pillowcase and (b) I can untack it when I want to have the little blanket inside of it cleaned.

I put this thing together and tried it out and voila! I slept more comfortably on my simplistic little home-contrived pillow than I ever had on even the most expensive of my “Store-Bought” ones.

Now a word about those “Fleece” throws:

I had never personally heard about a “Fleece Throw” until this very year — 2018 — and when the weather got really cold a few months ago — and when our furnace started acting up and the need for a new one was imminent, my friend Jim and I got a couple of the “Fleece Throws” at a department store to throw over ourselves as we watched TV.

I can’t explain it but I found that these little fleece blankets were probably the warmest things I had ever wrapped up in and I immediately fell in love with them. In fact, I loved them so much that I immediately went back to the store and purchased full-size fleece blankets for every bed in the house. I thought, “If these little ‘Throws’ can do such a great job of keeping me warm, imagine what a full-size blanket can do.”

I was right! I have never slept more comfortably in my life than I am sleeping now with my brand new self-invented pillow, the fleece throws and the fleece blankets.

Did I mention we had a brand new furnace installed last week also?

It is doing a magnificent job too.

By way of legal disclaimer let me add that I am not being compensated in any manner, form or fashion for mentioning “Fleece” blankets, throws and/or pillows in this blog post. I am just sharing something with my wonderful readers that I think is grand!

2 thoughts on “Inventing My Own Amazingly-Comfortable Pillow

    1. My thought now is to see if I can hook up with some importer and get a few thousand of those throws, an industrial sewing machine, a small location,, some pre-sewn pillow cases, a packaging deal and see if I might sell some of those online or in some other fashion. Of course, I would have to wait for the patent process and all that other red tape crap — It is just a thought. I have lots of thoughts but because I really don’t have need of any more material goods than I already have .. and since my ability to obtain whatever I might want, need or desire seems to be uninhibited, I will probably abandon this idea altogether in time. But for now, it is there.

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