A Free Informational Paradise For History Enthusiasts

I have at least one blogger friend on the Internet who is not only an avid History buff but is also a semi-retired academic who produces some of the most intriguing articles I have ever read on the Internet.

Creative Commons Image From Pixabay

So recently, just after I had read something my friend had written — and mind you, I do not always agree with his viewpoints on things — but that’s alright because this is America and nothing dictates that any of agree with anybody if we choose not to …. it dawned on me, “There must be Hundreds, perhaps Thousands, of other bloggers out there in the vastness of The Internet who have intense interests in subjects of historical significance.

Then it also occurred to me that the major thrust of my blogging these days has taken a sharp turn away from narrow-minded political activism to a more “Try to serve the interests and needs of the broader audience” approach and “Offer my wonderful Readers something of value in return for the precious time they spend reading the stuff I write here on “Musings of An Imaginary Billionaire.”

So I discovered that there are at least 100 sites on the popular video channel, “You Tube” that addresses the subject of History in all of its many manifestations and I am not going to share the link with you so that you too can find and explore these 100 intriguing channels for yourself …. and who does not enjoy watching a video?


Enjoy and let me know if this post is useful for your purposes. Thank you.

P.S. — When I started writing this post, I mentioned my friend who is a history buff and and accomplished academician. The name of his blog is “In Saner Thought” — ( CLICK HERE ).

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