Make Sure Your Chicken Is Safe To Eat

Who in their right mind would ever question whether or not common chicken is safe to eat? I mean to say, “Americans consume tons of the stuff every day seemingly without any negative consequences.” (Don’t they?).

Make Sure It Is Thoroughly Cooked Before Eating

But here is the thing about chicken: “Raw chicken can have all kinds of bacteria and bugs that can cause a trip to the emergency room if eaten without the proper precautions having been taken first.”

“Raw” chicken is definitely not on my list of things safe to eat!

Most of the guidelines I have ever read tell me that chicken has to be cooked to an internal temperature of at least 165-degrees before it is really safe to consume.

So here’s the story, folks: “Whenever I go out to eat chicken at a restaurant or at a fast food place or at some friend’s house, I have to have my chicken served to me “Hot!” (I do not mean lukewarm … I mean “Hot!!”

I can tell you one thing for certain ….. “That mildly-warm chicken fajita I got at the Mexican carry out the other week was left on the counter uneaten!”

I mentioned the coolness of the fajita to the owner of the little restaurant and you would have thought that I asked him to get naked and dance in the street or something. He became really incensed at me for having the nerve to question the quality of his chicken fajita!

I had no way of telling if the chicken in the darned thing had ever reached safe eating temperature or not. I do not carry a food thermometer with me when I go out to eat.

Did I mention that restaurant went out of business last week because of… “A lack of sufficient business?”

I guess other customers must have questioned why they could never seem to get anything from their kitchen to the customer tables halfway heated.

I started telling my friends that this restaurant served the best “Refrigerator Fresh” food I had ever refused to eat.

By the way — make sure your chicken is cooked to the recommended temperature before ever sticking it into your mouth and remember also that dishes which have held raw chicken need to be thoroughly washed and rinsed before being eaten off of again because those bacteria from uncooked (Or half-way cooked) chicken stays in the water and can infect everything it touches. Also, be careful not to splash any of your chicken water around the kitchen because if you do, you can end up with an entirely unsafe kitchen environment.

I will almost be willing to bet that you have never given the chicken you consume all the time this much attention before have you?

If you have, then you are among the sensible and the safe.

4 thoughts on “Make Sure Your Chicken Is Safe To Eat

  1. Having had salmonella as a child, I am very particular about how I cook my chicken and the care I put into making sure everything the raw chicken touched is clean thoroughly. I don’t care that I get teased about it; I’ve never gotten food poisoning since then so I am happy to be so particular if it means being healthy. This all sounds like common sense to me, but you’d be surprised how many people do stupid things like thaw their chicken at room temperature, leave food out for hours at a time, and don’t use a meat thermometer to make sure the chicken is the right temperature before serving. It drives me nuts! Thank you for sharing these great reminders while also making me laugh.


    1. Dear sbalding88 — Oh my stars! I am so thrilled to see that you have commented on “Musings Of an Imaginary Billionaire!” Thank you so very much for your really informative comment. It is people like you who makes blogging worth the effort and thank you again. Please visit often!


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