Warm As Toast In My New Waffle Weave

First of all — first things first — let’s keep me from getting in trouble with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by asking you to read my “Blog Disclaimer” in reference to my habit of occasionally mentioning products and services I have found and fallen in love with on “Musings Of An Imaginary Billionaire” — ( READ THE DISCLAIMER )

So today I went to the big box store and found this wonderful “Dickies Mens Waffle Work Thermal Underwear Top” — purchased it — took it home — put it on — and fell immediately in love with its snug fit and undeniably superior warmth!  (And yes, it is available on the website “Amazon” too — and no, I am not affiliated with Amazon either and am not being compensated for mentioning them either.” (Are you snooping, FCC?).

I am using this garment to lounge around the house, to sleep in as if it were a pajama top and to wear out into the bitter cold of this pervasive and persistent wintry blast we have all been enjoying here in the Temperate zones.

I am talking about it here on my blog because (a) I love the item and (b) I want this blog to be a value-added experience for all you wonderful people who have been visiting, reading my stuff and commenting lately. I am so grateful to you all! So very grateful! Thank you!

I have a feeling this thing is going to allow me to turn the furnace thermostat back a few degrees and save a few dollars on our normally outrageous natural gas bills.

This is one of those things that a person like me wishes they had discovered long before now and one of those things that get picked up off the store shelf, examined and thought about a lot before being purchased … but I am so glad I laid down the very reasonable price for it and in the morning …. if I am not snowed completely in, I am going back and get a couple more and one for my friend, Jim as well.

One thought on “Warm As Toast In My New Waffle Weave

  1. Many years ago, I used a motorcycle to commute to and from work, around ten miles each way through London traffic. I used to wear thermal underwear in the winter months, to stop freezing on that bike.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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