Not What It Seems

We all might be surprised —

No, folks ….. this is not a rehearsal for the scene depicting the epic struggle to the death between Magua and Uncus in “The Last Of The Mohicans.” The reason I know this is because neither Magua or Uncus had wings in the iconic classic tale of the early wilderness. Besides which, I don’t think that background is anywhere near America in Her pioneer days. Besides all that, neither one of these figures is nearly naked with a loin cloth as their primary garment. So since a struggle is evident in the picture, I am guessing this is an early advertisement for aspirin or some other headache remedy. This could have been painted in Texas. I know for a fact that this picture was done by Gustave  Dore sometime in 1855 but I think the picture represents events that took place somewhat earlier than 1855 — most likely (In my opinion) — more near 1776. I also know for certain that this picture represents an unfair match because the Angel is so much bigger and stronger than the puny guy. Maybe this is an advertisement for a physical fitness course. What do you think? A friend of mine on the Internet has made the suggestion that this might represent a very early gay wrestling match.Of course, I am not going there!

Art critique by Professor Liming, expert in everything
Picture is Public Domain

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