The Bed Better Left Alone

Procrustes was a strange one, indeed!

Procrustes Had An Enticing Iron Bed

And which bed am I talking about here? I am talking about the bed of Procrustes. You don’t know who Procrustes was? Neither do I but from what I read about him he is something of an eccentric who solicited every stranger he met to spend a night in his bed and if the bed was too small, then Procrustes would “Alter” the size of his guests …. often through one kind of amputation or the other … ugghhh!

So that little tidbit was kind of gross and now we can move on to something less violent and more instructive.

For example, did you know or are you aware that Education makes the wise slightly wiser but it makes the fool vastly more dangerous?

If you are fond of this kind of philosophical wisdom then you are going to love what I found on the website, “Farnam Street!”

Take a gander and enjoy — ( PLEASE CLICK HERE.)

Who says I don’t run a value-added blog?


2 thoughts on “The Bed Better Left Alone

    1. I just got my new Thousand Dollar Mattress so I was inspired to write this one. Of course there is nobody around here with a hack saw to amputate anything from me … thankfully.

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