The Great Peanut

I can’t remember the first time I saw this peanut.


It almost had to be when I was at the hardware store and saw it, along with a lot more of its kind, in a bin near the loose corn and bulk seeds.  I am pretty sure it wasn’t near the perfume and cologne counter at the pharmacy.

I remember thinking to myself, “That is one heck of a great-looking peanut! I have got to have that for my collection!”

I am not sure, but I think the peanut smiled at me. That might have been the reason I became so fascinated with it. The others in the bin with it just went about their business of doing nothing but laying there and totally ignored me. But this one peanut connected with me from the outset.

My mind raced as I thought more about the lovely little-wrinkled peanut laying there all helpless in the bin before me.

“This little thing loves me,” I thought silently. “Maybe I can make a pet out of it. I am sure it wouldn’t eat much or take up too much space. It would be easy to care for and wouldn’t poop all over the house.”

But then I hesitated. “What if it gets stuck up my nose or something?”

Well … I finally bought it, purchased a small cage for it and took it home and situated it on a table in the kitchen.

Bad choice of location.

The little peanut saw a jar of peanut butter sitting on the counter and immediately burst into tears and began to shiver and cry.

I comforted my peanut telling it softly, “I would never make peanut butter out of you. I love you too much for that!”

This seemed to help and the peanut seemed to feel a little better and we began to bond with each other. I would feed it peanut food and it would purr contentedly and look at me with those pitiful little peanut eyes (all two hundred of them) and want me to pick it up and pet it and talk to it in hushed, sweet tones of baby talk.

Everything was fine until the day I discovered my pet peanut had fallen in love with the cactus plant over on the table by the kitchen window.

After that, my little peanut began to ignore me and pay all its attention to the cactus.

That is when I first started thinking about getting myself a walnut.

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