Captivate your blog audience

From the first day I started blogging I was always looking for the ideal way to write, the ideal way to present my ideas, the ideal way to layout, to compose, to articulate —- and in the end, I discovered that although there are a crapper-load of experts, nobody has the golden key to successful blogging.

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Blogging is as individual an enterprise as a person’s choice of underwear, toothpaste, whatever!

Blogging is the expression of “Self” for the individual and the avenue of sharing, learning, belonging and being for the one who reads blogs.

There are more than 58-Million individual blogs out there on one single blogging platform and a total of more than a couple Hundred Million on the entirety of the vast Internet.

No dirth of reading material.

Is there a recipe for brilliance when it comes to writing?

You might study the acknowledged masters of the craft, but the one thing you do not want to do (In my humble opinion) is to become a type and shadow of the great ones. You need to develop your own, individual, unique voice or you might as well never lay finger to keyboard!

There are all kinds of rules, techniques, suggestions on how to write effective blog posts, but when it comes down to it, I think you will discover (If you haven’t discovered already) that the key is to just forget about what everybody has done, is doing or is telling you and write what is on your heart and in your mind.

I paraphrased a saying once and here is what I came up with and it works for me: “If you write it, the readers will come.”

There is no way you are going to write things that other people will clamor to gobble up all the time. President Lincoln reminded us that you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all the time.

It is the same with blogging. Some of your posts will glow with the fire of recognition as your “Comments” roll in and your “Likes” cross the bottom of your post area. But a lot of your posts will sit there, unnoticed, languishing in lonely despair, waiting for someone to come along and adore it enough to push the “Like” button or to leave a few words of comment.

Blogging is, at one and the same time, the height of glorious mental soaring and the depths of a special Hell of anguish over lack of readership. Blogging ebbs and flows like the tides of the sea or the currents of a bloodstream. Sometimes the heart beats faster than at other times …. sometimes it barely seems to beat at all.

So, write who you are and not what you think people will think about you. Put yourself out there. Take a chance! Take the risk that you might get rejected. Know that rejection is not constant, not permanent, not waiting around the corner for every blog post you write.

One day the skies will part and the deluge of appreciation will fall on your efforts and you will stand as tall as any mountain.

You must persist. You must not cave into despair, disappointment or dry spells. Keep on plugging along and sooner or later you will connect and you will find yourself inundated with appreciative Readers who are eager to hear even more of what you have to say.

In parting let me suggest that one of the greatest sources of an education on how to blog and how not to blog is found in the practice of reading the blogs of other writers. Reading other people’s writings online can be as fulfilling as receiving any college degree and can be just as effective in propelling and inspiring your own efforts.



6 thoughts on “Captivate your blog audience

    1. Well bless your soul … thank you for the encouraging words. I am so appreciative. You are absolutely correct, of course! You have hit the nail on the head about authentic connections!

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  1. Despite having a reasonably popular blog, I still have a few unread posts, alongside many that have had almost no likes or comments. Something occasionally captures the imagination of blog readers, and does well. So that’s good enough for me.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. I have struggled for 7 years trying to find a magic bullet only to discover that there isn’t one. Your approach works. If your approach works then it is good. Mine seems to be working for me these days too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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