Benefits of garlic and cayenne pepper

The plain old unadorned garlic clove —


First things first! Please read my blog’s medical disclaimer and once you have done that I will feel comfortable with you proceeding to read this information if you so desire:

My blog’s medical disclaimer — ( PLEASE CLICK HERE ).

I have been taking all kinds of vitamins and minerals and food supplements ever since I was 16-years-old — which now accounts for 63 years. I started on the health food kick just about the time I found a physical fitness and weight-lifting course in a comic book and sent off for it hoping that in a few short weeks I would be a very muscular and super healthy example of American Male Machismo.

Do the vitamins and minerals and health food supplements do anything good for me or is it just my imagination? My various doctors throughout the years have had more or less the same attitude about it all …. “If you think they are doing you some good then I don’t see any harm in your doing it.”

I cannot sit here and tell you that the fact that I have now outlived most of my earlier doctors has anything to do with my stubborn faithfulness to food supplements and vitamins and minerals and lots and lots of physical exercise —- I will not sit here and make such claims because I do not wish to influence anyone to do something and what is or has been good for me will not necessarily be good for anybody else because everybody is different.

But I can sit here and tell you — with all confidence — that “I believe” the things that I have done for myself (Or “To” myself if you prefer) have worked for me!

So tonight before I went to bed, I took a couple of capsules of garlic powder that I got from the health food store — took them with a full glass of water after a small meal of crackers and cheese — because I “Beleive” they will help me to rest better tonight as I sleep and their vasodilation effect will help me breathe better while I sleep.

Also, I read somewhere but do not know if it is true or not that if you drink a glass of water before going to bed for the night it will do something to help prevent people from having strokes and heart attacks in their sleep. I do not know if that is somebody’s conspiracy theory or if it is an old wives tale or if it is total crap …. but I do it because I want to and so far it hasn’t seemed to hurt me at all. (I do get up during the night sometimes to go to the bathroom.). I think that is because I am elderly. LOL.

If it wasn’t garlic powder I was taking, then it would be fresh garlic clove — One clove (Not two or three) — and I would feel good about doing it at night because there isn’t the chance that I will blow garlic breath into somebody’s face as I sleep and thus lose a friend or something.

Some nights (and some days too) I make sure to get my share of cayenne pepper into my stomach as well.

Somebody told me once — a long time ago — that cayenne pepper capsules (and out of the shaker if you can stand it (It’s hot) also work to benefit the respiratory system and some people have told me that cayenne consumption is one of the reasons that people who live in places like Mexico rarely have significant respiratory ailments. Again, I am not going to vouch for the accuracy of such claims but I know that in my own case if ever I get a common cold, a couple of cayenne capsules will seem to ease any nasal congestion I might experience and I have doing that for years too. (I rarely ever get colds at all.) — I don’t know if cayenne has anything to do with the fact that I rarely get colds. It might be due to my annual flu shot which I never fail to get. I can’t say and I am not going to sit here and invent facts and try to shove them down other people’s throats.

Bottom line is that I love cayenne pepper, black pepper (Coarse grind) and garlic in every form and I use a lot of it because it makes my food taste better to me and in my own mind, these things work together with the synchronicity of my physiognomy to help me live a more powerful and healthful life than if I were not indulging myself in them.

Have you noticed yet that as I talk about these things, the whole idea looks more and more like I am speaking of my own individual ideas, concepts, opinions and experiences? The reason for that is that that is exactly what I am talking about — myself — my experiences — my beliefs!

Will the things that I believe help other people? I don’t have a clue and besides, all that kind of stuff is between other people and their own personal physicians. If you read my medical disclaimer you will remember that I do not give medical advice and I do not prescribe or suggest anything for anybody. I am always talking about me when I talk about these things.

So how much of this stuff do I take every day? It all depends on what the directions on the bottles of such items have to say and what my doctor tells me when I inform him of the supplements that I am either taking or planning to take.

You see, folks, some food supplements and vitamins and minerals and other such like substances do have the ability to react adversely to some prescription medications and so I have to be awfully careful about what I put into my mouth and that is one of the main reasons I involve my doctor in every such decision. I am no fool and I do exercise a reasonable amount of common sense when approaching such subjects as these.

Here is some rather extensive information about uses for garlic — ( CLICK HERE.)

Here is some rather extensive information about uses for cayenne — ( CLICK HERE).

And so concludes what I believe to be another “Value Added” blog post here on “Musings of An Imaginary Billionaire.”

What is “Your” opinion of all this?



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