Let’s Fry A Perfect Egg

Everybody like their eggs done differently.


Image from Pixabay Creative Commons


The idea is to do them safely and make sure they are cooked through and through because of the threat of salmonella in a runny egg yolk.

Life sometimes isn’t as much fun anymore as it used to be.

I remember when it was considered safe to drop raw eggs into a muscle-building milkshake. That would be a virtual act of potential self-harm these days when nothing out there is as pure, as inspected or as regulated and certified safe for human consumption as it once was.

So put on your chef hat and follow my lead here:

Step 1 — Heat 1/2 tablespoon oil or butter on medium heat in a non-stick skillet.

Step 2 — When the oil is hot enough you can see a “Shimmer” on it.

Step 3 — When the oil is appropriately heated, break your egg and drop the contents of the shell into the hot oil. (Do not include the shell in the heated oil because you are not going to eat the shell unless you are a really large bird or something.)

Step 3 — When you drop the egg into the oil, immediately turn the heat down to low.

Step 4 — As the egg cooks, use a spoon and baste the top of the egg with the hot oil so that the top of the eggs gets a little cooked too.

Under ordinary circumstances, your perfect fried egg should be done and ready to serve on the plate in about 60 seconds or a little longer.

You will have to practice to get them right.

You are welcome.

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