The Billionaire’s Way

I thought since I am “The Imaginary Billionaire” that I should share some of the things that led me to be able to claim that title ….. as information for the curious ….. as inspiration for the aspirants to a better kind of life.

Of course, everybody already knows that this story is 100% fiction — right? But it should make for some comfortable reading for people who like to dream and to imagine.

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Image Is Creative Commons From Pixabay

One of the key factors that separates the haves from the have-nots in this world is the manner in which they expend their time. And the truth is that rich, poor or in-between every living human being is allotted the exact same amount of time per day as everybody else and it is how people make use of their allotted time that determines the state of their existence.

I do not wish to appear arrogant here but you must understand that when a person has made very significant strides in their life, there is bound to be a little pride and arrogance involved because the rich, the successful and the super rich are usually very aggressive in matters of wealth-building and business operations and this places them directly in the middle of a kind of hyper personality commonly known as “Type A” or — in other vernacular applications, “The Achievers Mentality.” People who have no pride in themselves or in their accomplishments are never going to amount to very much when it comes to acquiring the little insignificant amount of pleasure enjoyed by the successful.

So what was the average day like when the Imaginary Billionaire was building his imaginary fortune? It went something like this:

At around 6 AM each morning (Six days a week) the butler would awaken him, help him get dressed for the office (After he had showered in his specially-equipped shower with eight shower heads), prepare his continental breakfast of four strips of crisply cooked bacon, a large home-baked Danish roll, black Ethiopian coffee, freshly-squeezed orange juice, butter and jam or jelly and hand him the freshly-ironed newspaper for the morning.

The chauffeur would then drive him to the office tower where he had his suite of offices on the Seventh floor and he would spend an hour or so conferring with his Business Managers, his concierge, the legal staff and the accounting people to get a look at the day’s receipts from the many enterprises in his menagerie and once satisfied that everything was humming along alright and after having performed the expected ritual of being the present figure in the room, he would take leave of the offices and head back to his rather extensive cavern of a house located on 500 acres of remotely-located, highly manicured and security-wall-enclosed property 5-miles outside the city and plop himself on the 16-foot imported leather-covered specially-built sectional sofa in the glass, steel, concrete and brick living room to relax and unwind.

Since by this time he had already achieved most of the goals and dreams that he had held as a much younger man there was no longer a need to worry or to struggle and so he would retire to a specially-constructed den and office on the third floor of his house — just off the spiral stairway and just behind the elevator to read, to play with his computer system or to engage his stereo system or his home theater for a movie.

If he chose not to do all that, he would go to the four-car garage attached to the house, get out his hybrid bicycle and pedal off on a tour of the riding trails located all around his 500 acres — or if he wasn’t in the mood for the bicycle, he loved to walk, jog and power-walk along the same trails …. paddle a canoe on his small lake — relax in his hammock strung between the trees of his 10 acres of wooded area.

At least 30 minutes of out each day he would be found in the fully-equipped gymnasium located just off the casual dining nook next to the smaller kitchen running on the treadmill, working out on the elliptical machine or walking the stair climber machine. Each Wednesday, he had the services of a physical trainer who would make house calls and help him through a specially designed exercise routine.

There was really no need for him to plan his day because he had a personal secretary who took care of such trivials and who made sure he was made aware of all his appointments ( whenever he had any appointments) — all the management and planning of the enterprises was done by hired professionals in their respective fields and he rarely involved himself in the day-to-day operations of any business that contributed to his bottom line because he had accountants and lawyers at hand to keep an eye on things and the only fiugures he was really interested in were the daily banking reports that came across his personal computer system.

He rarely ever made any phone calls because he was very private and somewhat reclusive in nature and he never answered a phone because he employed a telephone answering service to take calls and messages for him. Once in a great while he might call somebody but it was a very rare occurrence. Only a very special and very close group of people ever had his personal buzzer number — they were rare indeed.

There was a lot of time spent with family — traveling on road trips — going to the city — taking rides on ferries and boats of all kinds — occasional trips in a private jet leased from an executive transportation company — going to amusement parks — visiting his wife’s friends and relatives — attending meetings with people at the school — those sorts of things. — He and his wife and kids ate out a lot at nice upscale restaurants even though he maintained a chef at the house. They just liked to dine at different restaurants for the ambiance of the places, the taste of different foods and the experience of being among people without being recognized or bothered with social necessities.

That is a kind of generalized picture of how he spent his time after he had gotten to the point where he didn’t have to worry about the businesses or the finances anymore.

These days he has divested himself of a lot of the trappings that once defined his life and style and now lives in a rather obscure but comfortable house in the suburbs of an American City. Today he is Mr. Average America, being driven around in a small car, shopping at big box stores, eating at fast food restaurants (and occasionally going back to the more expensive restaurants for a good steak or some lobster tail and butter).

Once in awhile he and his friend drive to Kentucky to visit what is left of relatives and to decorate the graves of deceased loved ones and to poke around in the hills and hollers of what once was the four corners of their world …. taking notice that old homesteads are disappearing … new homes are being built … old friends are disappearing …. new people are moving in …. the advance of Time. On such trips, The Imaginary Billionaire avoids the trappings of luxury hotels and chooses to stay in some fairly comfortable but often little seedy motels along the way.

The bankers and the stockbroker(s) are still among his best friends and closest confidants and he is pretty much alone in the world today as far as social communications are concerned. He is fond of the Internet and of writing blogs. It is kind of where he spends a lot of his time these days … these waning days of a long and prosperous and happy life.

As I look at that guy I sometimes wish I were him.

And that’s the way it is on March 27, 2018!






2 thoughts on “The Billionaire’s Way

    1. Actually, there’s not much down there except a few old Kentucky Homes and some roach-eaten brothels disguising themselves as motels .. unless you are interested in the Imaginary Billionaire’s life in the fast lane — staying at the Sheraton Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, yachting on a friend’s boat on the river, drinking Mint Juleps on verandas and such…. horse racing — movie premiers … that kind of crap. But you see, the Imaginary Billionaire has travelled the word … so there is more than just Kentucky. But I will remember your request and try to comply. (Grin). 🙂

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