The “Big Nose” Insanity That Is Overtaking “Selfies”

Selfie taking is causing some real emotional hang-ups for some people!

Americans are easily preoccupied and one of the most prevalent preoccupations of Americans today is the very popular but (In my opinion) somewhat vain practice of taking endless pictures of ones’ self dubbed ….. you guessed it ….. “Selfies!”

S e l f i e s

I can barely get out the door of my house before I run smack dab into a bunch of Teen Aged kids with camera phones busily snapping selfies of themselves from every conceivable angle. (Hey, Kid! Don’t point that thing at me!!).

But “Selfies” are starting to cause some real problems for some Americans and some people are so obsessed with the way a selfie distorts their facial features they are running to plastic surgeons in droves just to get “Nose Jobs” so their selfies will look better!

I know it sounds insane but take a gander at this —– ( PLEASE CLICK HERE.)

I am old enough to remember when hours spent in front of mirrors was the “In” thing to do and now there are selfie sticks proliferating so profusely as to make one think they might be growing out of every available inch of ground or out of everybody’s head that you happen to pass or to meet.

I don’t do selfies because I am too old and ugly! But if I were young, dumb and full of it, I can’t say what I would do.

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